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Letter sent on Apr 8, 2016

From DaVinci to Disruption

Happy Friday! Here are seven of our favorite stories we’ve recently published in Life Learning.

Even a genius has to sell himself… the remarkable resume of Leonardo da Vinci by Marc Cenedella

Before he was famous, before he painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, before he invented the helicopter…

Why I Jump Out of Airplanes… I mean, meditate. by Meghann McNiff

I sit because I know, that on the other side of that door, if I can just make that crawl to the door, is total freedom.

Disruption is about experiences. Not tech. by Jon Westenberg

They fail because Taxi companies see themselves as being disrupted by an app. The truth is, they’re being disrupted by an experience.

How To Build The Self-Confidence You Need To Win At Life by Darius Foroux

No matter what you’re after, a lack of confidence will always hold you back.

There’s More Than Enough Time, When You Use The Time You Have by Benjamin P. Hardy

Meaning is shaped within contexts. And every context is unique. Which is why you must be present to your circumstances.

8 Steps to Building a Killer Personal Brand by Leonard Kim

When you are looking to give an accurate impression to people who don’t know you, it is useful to identify what they are likely to be thinking and assuming about you already.

Here Is What You Can Do To Build The Life and Career You Want by Thomas Oppong

Move, make, create, ship, do. Just start.

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