Once a month

Once a month, on my undies I see

A familiar pink that gets red and heavy

Once a month I restock my cotton pads

And I am reminded nothing lasts

Once a month, you catch me sneak the pad out of the bag

And I worry you found out that I too bleed just like that

Once a month I tell you it’s just the stomach flu

Although we both knew you knew

One time the blood sneaked to your sheets

And covered with shame I cleaned and cleaned

Once a year I slip and admit I am bleeding

You shrug and pretend you did not hear me

Once a year I regret the sorrys I said right after “I am on my period”

Yet I still cry the pain of women who were deemed inferior

Once a year I want to scream at you:

“my blood is holier than the blood of your wars”
“ This blood was turned into a human your mother bore”

One day, I want you to turn your face my way and see

That my bleeding is you, me and all of eternity

One day I want to bleed loudly

And live a life of no apology

One day I want you to bleed loudly

And admit that you were afraid, and you are sorry

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