Tiny, small, priceless progress

A few hours ago it was Monday morning.

I wanted to accomplish a few good things today. Here’s the actual list of what I did, in no particular order:

  1. I completely wasted at least two hours in useless stuff (looking at the Gnosis cryptocurrency which launched a week ago and started trading today, watching some John Oliver talk about infrastructure, reading on Hacker News, etc.)
  2. I helped my wife Lisa with some house chores, in preparation for a short trip we’re taking soon. Of course, according to her, I could have helped much more :)
  3. I watched a documentary about Buckminster Fuller — and it was somewhat useful, but I wish there were a shorter, denser version of it.
  4. I worked on a well paid consultancy gig for one hour. The “well paid” translates into “more money to start my business”, which means an extremely useful hour. 
    I’m not sure I can say how much I’ve earned, as it’s almost embarrassing, not because I don’t feel I deserve it, but because certain things are paid outrageously, compared to others.
  5. I took some feedback from a few people, especially regarding Unfuck. It is very clear that people have a pessimistic, or an optimistic, point of view about the state of the world, and it’s hard to discuss it because we never look at data points. Also, it’s clear that I haven’t described my business idea with enough clarity or details — of course!! I am still figuring out some of these details myself. But point taken… I am working on it.
  6. I wrote quite a lot, both on my notebook (I mean, PAPER notebook) and on this blog. Useful? Who knows. I have a sense that I need to share my ideas, and create a community around it, to maximize the outreach of what I want to build. I might be wrong, but we’ll see.
  7. I briefly studied some boring material regarding floating houses, permits, and such. I know I need to talk to a specialist soon (I meant an Architect or a Builder, not a Therapist! Evil you! :D). I don’t know if floating houses will ever be what I’ll build, but I know that I am focusing on “mobile” infrastructure, and therefore floating homes, trailer homes, and the like will be an important subject.

Is this good progress? Of course not. This is not a GREAT day. It’s just a barely OK day, where I don’t feel I have made much progress at all. But… It IS progress. Tiny, small… And priceless.

As long as every day ends with some progress, I will get there where I want to go, eventually :)

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