So, some things happened today. Here’s a rundown:

Photo: White House Down (2013)

The President’s Son (which is apparently now a title for Senior Leadership in the White House, thanks 2017), who was implicated in collusion with Russian officials, tweeted out his private correspondence with said Russian official.

The world exploded and sighed. Journalists cried.

Check out our list of favorite tweets for the full depth of response from politicians, pundits, and the like.

The stock market dropped 150 points. It rebounded pretty quickly. However, the knee-jerk reaction to the release of the emails by Donald Trump, Jr. does draw attention to the impact of the instability of the Trump Administration.

h/t CNN

The GOP bobbed, weaved, and tried to run as fast as they could. The Democrats called for everyone’s head on a pike.

And Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans continued to threaten the health care of millions of American citizens.

The Senate will be delaying their August recess in order to try to get this bill tied up in a bow… If you’re like me, you’re going “I’m sorry, they’re trying to have a vote next week and need to push their August recess? Wtf?” Sounds like someone’s worried about the next few weeks… and they’re staring down the barrel of the Sept. 30th end of the fiscal year as a time limit to getting this through as a reconciliation bill.

Also there have been reports and rumors swirling about amendments and some Senators are starting to break ranks and reach out to Democrats about a bipartisan effort to fix Obamacare.

Everything Ted Cruz does is terrible and his suggestion that health insurance companies be able to sell any type of plan (ie ones that disregard essential health benefits) so long as they also offer at least one plan that does comply fully with ACA is awful. It will leave folks with health insurance options that are cheaper, sure, but generally cover nothing and will end up costing more in the long run. It’ll also run-up costs on any full-coverage plans. It’s literally the worst. Thanks, Ted.

Question’s still out on whether additional funding for treatment of opioid addiction can sway some moderate Republicans back to the fold by giving them the cover they need to vote for an awful bill.

And reports suggest there will be a vote as early as next Thursday, following a new CBO score expected Monday or Tuesday of next week. But things continue to shift, so keep watching, and keep calling!

So what kind of day has it been? You tell me, friends. You tell me.

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