Tuesday was A DAY in the political world (ICYMI, check out our post about it here). And you know what you should do after one of those days? Call your Members of Congress.

Calling your Senators and Representative can be difficult. Phone anxiety is real and often you don’t know what to say. We’re going to try and help you out by providing scripts and tips on calling and voicing your opinions — starting today!


  1. Always state your name (preferably your full name, but if not at least your first time) and zip code. Congressional offices can’t log your call if you do not provide any information confirming you are a resident — and no, just saying you’re a resident doesn’t count.
  2. If you want a response from whomever you are calling, you have to provide contact information and clearly state that you want a response from them.
  3. State why you are calling and your opinion CLEARLY. Most likely, your opinion will be logged by topic and then caller’s opinion. You can talk about multiple issues on one call, but be sure to state the issues and your opinion on that issue clearly. I would even advise making separate calls for different issues to ensure that all of your opinions are logged.
  4. Always be polite. Most of the time, the person answering the phone or checking the voicemail inbox is a Staff Assistant or an intern. They have not wronged you. It’s literally their job to take calls and check the voicemail box. If you get a real person on the other end, ask them how they’re doing. Be kind. Just because their boss may be an asshole, doesn’t mean they are.
  5. Don’t get upset if you are sent straight to voicemail. Some offices (Senate offices in particular) get such a high call volume every day that they usually send everyone straight to voicemail. It’s not that they don’t want to hear from constituents, it’s that sending everyone to voicemail is the most effective way to ensure people’s opinions are heard and logged.


I really enjoy the website ContactingCongress.com. Not only does this website make it easy for find your MoC’s contact information, but it gives you quick facts about them and their state. You can see an example of what their listings look like below.

Example quick facts and contact info page from ContactingCongress.com

We’ve drafted two call scripts for you and included them below. We also recommend the service 5calls. You can read about them and why we love them so much here.


If you’re calling about healthcare…

If you’re calling about healthcare, specifically in Ohio…

If you’re calling about Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails…

It takes all of five minutes to call your Members of Congress. If you have phone anxiety like I do, do it first thing in the morning to get it done and other with. If you would rather speak to a voicemail box, call before 8:30am or after 6pm. Whatever you do, make sure you call. We the People doesn’t mean Congress — it means you.

UPDATE: We are taking custom call script requests. Do you want to give specific facts about how the Better Care Reconciliation Act will impact your state or specific healthcare issue? Do you want to cite more detailed data? Drop us a line theneverthelessproject@gmail.com and make your script requests!



We all woke up on November 9th realizing that the fight was going to be harder, longer, and more painful than we’d ever imagined. But over and over again, people have stood up, gotten knocked down and stood up once again. Nevertheless, they persisted. And we will too.

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