How to migrate your ERC20 PLAT to TRON

May 6 · 3 min read

A step-by-step guide to migrate your PLAT to the TRON network

As previously announced, BitGuild is completing a cycle that started in December, when we migrated our flagship game, Bitizens, to the TRON network.

Starting on May 10th, you will be able to migrate your ERC20 PLAT to the TRON Network. This process will take place on the BitGuild Portal, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

What you need to prepare:

  • Ready access to the Private Key of your MetaMask or other Ethereum-supported browser wallet.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT send PLAT directly from your cold wallet (Trezor/Ledger/etc.) or exchange account! YOU WILL LOSE IT! If your PLAT is stored in one of these, please send/withdraw the PLAT to your MetaMask wallet first!

Step 1

Visit to begin the migration of your PLAT tokens.

Step 2

Log in to your MetaMask — make sure you have access to the private key for this wallet.

Once you are logged in, your current PLAT balance will be shown on the screen below. Fill out the amount you wish to swap, and hit the “SEND” button to complete this step.

You will need to wait a few minutes for confirmation due to transaction times on the Ethereum network.

Please make sure you have enough funds in your MetaMask account to cover the gas fees.

Step 3

Download GuildWallet or Tronlink. Import your ETHEREUM PRIVATE KEY (from your MetaMask) as a new wallet. A TRON wallet will be created for you using the same private key, and your TRC20 PLAT will be sent to this address.

If you need help to set up your GuildWallet, please check this very handy guide we’ve put together.

Step 4

Withdraw PLAT to your TRON wallet. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 PLAT.

Upon completion of the steps above, you will see your new TRC20 PLAT balance on your TRON wallet.

If you encounter any problems during the migration process, please send us an email to

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The official Medium publication for BitGuild; a decentralized gaming platform.