API-First, Ask Questions Later : The Infrastructure of the Decentralized Economy

The Ocean’s vision is to pioneer an infrastructure layer for the tokenized economy. The linchpin of that plan is the smoothest possible on-boarding process for developers. To achieve this, we’ve built our platform with an API-first approach to ensure it’s optimized for ease-of-use and efficiency. Last week, we announced our API beta and accompanying JavaScript client library. Now our developer sandbox is now up and operational. 🎉

Our engineers are developers, and as such, they recognize the importance of developer tools for the adoption and continued usage of platforms and services. We know an API doesn’t do anyone any good if it’s not partnered with clean, well-kept documentation, and supporting materials like getting started guides and plenty of sample code.

This is a first in a series of developer sandboxes to help the development community get familiar with our client library and an algorithmic trading environment. You can take a look at the code on GitHub or open the sandbox in your browser. All you need is Metamask and you’ll be on your way.


Trading dashboards are essential for visualizing the state of a market and gaining quick, intuitive access to specific information like open orders or ticker statistics. But the implementation of trading strategies, from technical analysis to arbitrage to market making, requires an environment where you can process lots of information and act on it quickly, and that environment requires a seamless point of contact with the liquidity source.

This is the reason we’ve focused so intensely on building a client library. We enable developers to integrate in minutes and get past the tedium and into the rich and fascinating world of automated trading. There are endless ideas to deploy once the toolbox is established:

  • Arbitrage opportunities, both inter- and intra-exchange, can be exploited easily.
  • Market making doesn’t require huge sums of money.
  • Machine learning strategies, from neural nets to NLP, are now possible that learn how to trade over time.
  • Liquidity management for dApps and their users is made easy with our libraries and functionality.

Code Sandbox

Inspired by some code from 0x, and with much gratitude to codesandbox.io, we’re pleased to release the first of many sample apps that will give developers the inspiration to build some amazing algorithms and the structure to do it really quickly.


Stay tuned for more code samples and lots of announcements in the coming weeks. Happy hacking!

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