The Ethics of Everybody Else: New video posted

I had heard about Wrangle for a while — a data science conference where folks come to talk about the hardest problems they’ve faced and how they’ve found their ways around them. It also has a rancher-rustler theme, though you can’t see the cowboy boots I wore in the newly-posted video of my talk.

But here’s how I kicked off my 20-minute talk, called “The Ethics of Everybody Else”:

You can get to the video by going to You’ll have to register but that takes 27 seconds and you don’t have to check the box for Cloudera newsletters. If you get curious about the whole conference, you can also check out Cyndy Willis-Chun’s blog post, Facing bias, ethical obligation, and your audience.

If videos aren’t your thing, here are some other ways to get the content:

A lot of this work takes as an example facial recognition projects that have deeply problematic ethical issues. But there are many other ethical concerns product designers and engineers grapple with in AI, including model explainability, fairness, and data privacy. Given’s focus combining multiple data sets to boost model performance, I’m extremely happy that our recently announced advisory board features Helen Nissenbaum, who has written the book on privacy. Well, the books, plural. To read more about privacy as a byproduct of the norms that govern our behavior in different social contexts, see her work, Privacy in Context or more recently and rebelliously, Obfuscation.

And here are some other references to check out for thinking about machine learning and ethics:

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