Humanity’s Hidden Superpower: Collaborating with Uncertainty

Alex Ryan and Chenny Xia

The surprise vote in favour of Brexit unleashed uncertainty about the future course of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland. Brexit illustrates how we…

Scaling Innovation: The Escuela Nueva Story

This story is a case study in a forthcoming book on systemic design. Help me out by adding your feedback below.

The year is 1967. Israel triples in size during its six day war against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Beatles release…

Choose Action over Identity

I have just returned from the Overlap retreat and am, as always, buzzing with ideas and energy as a result. So I’m going to start writing once again to document and explore some of those ideas.

The If and When of Technology for the Global Refugee Crisis

(This piece was originally posted on Civicist, a publication of Civic Hall.)

With more people on the move today than ever in our recorded history, the global refugee crisis is posing one of the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time.