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The Post-Grad Survival Guide
The Post-Grad Survival Guide — Life in your 20s and beyond

Working In a Pandemic

Surviving as a teacher in a school during a global pandemic

Photo: Max Fischer/Pexels

Working In a Pandemic

Working as a remote freelancer for a travel startup during a pandemic is an odd combination

Image: Author

Working In a Pandemic

It’s life or death for both the industry and the employees

Photo: Pauline Loroy/Unsplash

Working In a Pandemic

If I can pursue my dreams in a pandemic, so can you.

Photo: H Shaw/Unsplash

Working In a Pandemic

Nothing’s changed for me, but it has for everyone else

Photo: Mikey Harris/Unsplash


The world of work is changing beyond all recognition

Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

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