A Genius DIY Way to Mosquito-Proof Your Backyard

Dust off the cornhole, people!

What do backyard barbecues while watching the Summer Olympics in Rio and the real Rio have in common? Mosquitoes. They've always been the worst. Add the Zika Virus scare? I can’t. A full body mosquito net gets in the way of flipping those burgers. Citronella candles? Mosquitoes laugh as they fly through the flame to bite me. What’s the solution? We present to you, for your upcoming outdoor Olympics party: homemade mosquito repellent yard spray! It’s only three steps and based on my extensive research (aka me testing it out three days ago), it works! The hardest part of this concoction is being able to stomach the smell of beer and mouthwash mixed together.

What you need:


  1. Pour the beer and mouthwash into a large bowl and stir.

2. Add the three cups of Epsom salt and stir again. Once most of the salt has dissolved and the mixture is a weird, green-brown foamy mess, pour it into the lawn and garden sprayer.

3. Make sure the top of the sprayer is secure, shake it up and spray it all over your lawn. That’s IT!

Word on the street is that this homemade slop of a repellent works for 30–60 days, so test it out and see how aggressive your mosquitoes are based on how long it lasts. Happy yard games and grilling!

Allegedly “mosquitoes don’t live in trees” and I was “wasting” the spray…but you can never be too safe!

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