All You Need to Know About Rio 2016

We have serious Rio Fever here at The Relish. (And NO, it’s not Zika!)

Michael Phelps is the USA’s flag bearer at the Opening Ceremonies. We have 6,755 hours of TV coverage to watch. And those athletes have 450,000 condoms to use! WHO’S READY FOR RIO?!

Everything you need to know before we begin:

Where to Watch: NBC, and the NBC Sports app are your new Netflix for the next 17 days. (Bonus: Some of the Games will be broadcast in Virtual Reality.)

Where to See the Real Rio: Snapchat is your go-to. Follow the best, (like our girl, Simone Biles) but maybe not Draymond Green (or…follow at your own risk…)

Yes, the Olympics Technically Already Started: Soccer kicked off Wednesday! The Women’s USA Soccer team beat New Zealand 2–0. Brazilians booed and chanted “Zika!” at Hope Solo, whose militant mosquito prep has been buzzing on social media. Men’s Soccer starts today.

The Opening Ceremonies Will Be Hot: Billed as the “sexiest” Opening Ceremonies yet, Friday night will feature soccer legend Pélé, plus Gisele Bundchen, portraying the Girl from Ipanema (and hopefully not this racist skit).

When We’re Not Staring at Michael Phelps: Here are some of the flag bearers from other countries, including Britain’s Andy Murray, Spain’s Rafa Nadal, and Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki.

And we will be there for every sexy damn minute… “Tune in” and talk Rio with us on Twitter and Medium live during the Opening Ceremonies!



Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren kicked things off on Twitter with this awesome Olympic ring bubbles shot (left).

4'8" gymnast Simone Biles lined up with 6'8" USA volleyballer David Lee for a pic, captioning the shot: “Size difference in Olympians doesn’t matter, depending on what sport you do.” Wise beyond her years AND a Snapchat/social media star, that Simone.

As of late Wednesday, Pokémon Go has FINALLY reached Brazil! Good news for Japanese gymnastics great Kohei Uchimura, who ran up almost $5K in roaming charges playing the game in Rio before it was fully supported there.

Image via CNN

Fashion always brings out the critics. The latest target: the USA Opening Ceremonies uniforms from designer Ralph Lauren. It’s not the super prep, “heading to the Hamptons” look people are taking aim at, but the fact that the wide-striped red/white/blue t-shirts, peeking out of navy blazers look like the flag of a nation high on Donald Trump’s favored list: Russia. The social media fashion police let poor Ralph have it.

The USA basketball teams are skipping the Olympic Village digs for luxury living aboard the Silversea’s Silver Cloud (we might have opted for the GOLD Cloud, instead). The cruise ship offers comfy accommodations for a cozy 296 guests. Hope those beds come in extra-extra-extra long…

DON’T FORGET: “Tune in” and talk Rio with us on Twitter and Medium live during the Opening Ceremonies.

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