No More Negativity: We’re Ready for Rio!

Let’s move past the tradition of panicking about the host city and get ready to cheer for these awesome athletes

Megan Kalmoe: Stop sh*tting on the Olympics already!

So, we were going to tell you about the Chinese hurdler who got vomited on and robbed in Rio. And the main ramp of the sailing venue that collapsed in a storm Saturday. And we were even going to share that the athletes were complaining how bummed they are that there’s no Pokémon Go in Brazil.

But then we read this essay in The Guardian by U.S Olympic rower Megan Kalmoe, who tells us that with all of this negative media, we are ruining the Olympics for the athletes. And their families. And the people of Brazil, who not only live there, but they have worked so hard to put on these Games, despite everyone knowing that hosting the Olympics is a losing proposition.

“I will row through sh*t for you, America,” she wrote. “And I will do it gladly, and proudly, because rowing on this team in Rio is not something I’m afraid of, or going to complain about.”

So we’re done.

Listen Megan, we were only writing these things because we were worried about you. Your safety, health—you getting vomited on. Or not having enough outlets to charge your phone and keep Snapchatting.

But you’re all adults. (Or you have parental guardians.) You have had plenty of time to make up your mind whether you wanted to go. And now you’re there. And we’re rooting for you. We know how hard you have worked to get there. We’re behind you all the way.

So let’s try this instead: Watch gold medalist Abby Wambach tell you about Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Jersey girl who will become the first American Olympian to compete in a hijab.

And how about this for an Olympic spoiler alert: USA Women’s basketball (#1) beat Australia (#2) in an exhibition game. And possible gold medal preview, anyone?
Let the Games begin. We’ll be watching starting Friday night.

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