Bridging Privacy Tech Gaps & Fueling the Future of Privacy Tech: Founders

by Lourdes M. Turrecha & Emily Ashley (@emily-ashley), originally published on The Rise of Privacy Tech website on November 28, 2021.

TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021

A few weeks ago, we published the TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021, the foundational whitepaper on the privacy tech landscape. In our first three posts in this series, we broke down key positions on defining privacy tech, categorizing privacy tech, and bridging privacy tech gaps for buyers and users. In this fourth post, we similarly summarize how we help bridge privacy tech gaps for founders.

We surveyed and interviewed privacy tech startup founders and operators for their perspectives of the current privacy tech landscape. They shared that they are building tech solutions to address the following privacy problems: individual control, demonstrating accountability, transparency, security for privacy, shifting privacy left, and data minimization, amongst other things.

Privacy tech startup founders & operators named customer acquisition, funding, breaking into the privacy field, product design, and market research as their pain points, with funding and customer acquisition as their biggest pain points. ClearOPS CEO & Founder, Caroline McCaffery underscores the fundraising challenges privacy tech founders face:

One of our key recommendations for privacy tech founders is for them to learn to effectively communicate privacy tech’s value proposition. Doing so means being able to help customers and prospects make the case for privacy tech and secure the budget and buy-in they need.

Discernible, Inc. CEO, Melanie Ensign, articulates her advice for communicating privacy tech products’ value proposition.

In addition to the above challenges and recommendations, we cover more founder feedback and TROPT recommendations in the 76-page whitepaper. If you want to dig deeper, you can download the full TROPT Defining the Privacy Tech Landscape Whitepaper 2021 here.

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