My Total Life Makeover

So for the first 18 years of my life I strongly disliked, no HATED reading. If you asked me at 15 years old I would have told you I will never read in my life. From my last post I’m sure it’s evident this has changed.

My inception story I believe to be inspiring.

I was at work about to turn 18 and one of my co-workers said I have a book for you. My thought: “Oh okay, this is a kind gesture, but I don’t think I’ll read it.” Boy was I wrong!

I received the book, It was on financial literacy. Up until then I never knew this was a topic. I started to read, stopped, started, stopped. Then one day I sat myself down and said this is ridiculous, I can’t even read a damn book!

Then I read it…

I loved it so much I purchased a second book from the author. At this point I set a goal for myself, “I’m going to read a book a month for 12 months” All based in self-help, financial literacy, and personal development. At the end of the year I had read 16 books.

The simple act of reading with purpose has forged my current philosophy and beliefs and I would not be who I am today without this knowledge.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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-Fred Posimo

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