Bye, Curation. I’ll Stick to Short-Form

Daniel Silva
The Shortform
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1 min readMar 20, 2023


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Why? You ask.

Mostly because of Kristina the “Short Form” God.

When I found Medium I decided to write some sort of thriller fiction.

Little did I know that because of that I ended up in the Curation Hell urban legend. It took a long time to climb out of it and get my first curated article.

The excitement of writing here rapidly wore off. And then I read about Kristina’s success with short-form content — there was light after all!

At the time of writing, Medium guidelines don’t consider short form as an eligible format to be curated.

Regardless, since I don’t care about it anymore, I turn to short-form content to voice my thoughts.

The best thing is it works!

It enables consistency — even though I tend to fail at that — and ends up being much more rewarding money-wise.