My Draft List Keeps Piling Up

Daniel Silva
The Shortform
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1 min readApr 4, 2023


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Last week, I read a few articles about frustration with writing, like coming to the realization of not being cut to be a full-time content creator or that Medium rates might be falling.

This made me realize that there are more people out there concerned about their contribution to the platform.

Call it impostor syndrome if you want. I’ll call it being aware of my own limitations.

Since I left the freelance business, my motivation to write decreased tenfold. Since I don’t have to do it professionally, I don’t do it consistently.

Without practice, my writing feels rusty and limited.

Ideas might flow but when it’s time to put them on a white canvas, things tend to feel scrappy if not plain incoherent.

The result is an ever-growing draft page that keeps on piling up and which I’m trying to counter, by resorting to short-form content.