An Invitation…

Introducing a new Stoicism and philosophy reading group

Steven Gambardella
The Sophist
2 min readDec 11, 2023


Over the last few years, since I have consistently writing about Stoicism and philosophy, I have been amazed by people’s comments and engagement with my work.

Coming from all over the world and numbering in the hundreds, these comments have often led me to clarify and sometimes revise my ideas. So my attitudes and ideas have been partly shaped by the kindness of people giving constructive feedback in comments and by email.

This enthusiasm has inspired in me the idea of starting a Stocism and philosophy reading group that will meet monthly online.

Stoicism is a way of life, not a way — as some would lead us to believe — to simply cope with the stresses and stains of life. The point of Stoicism is to change the world, beginning with your own life, and not simply accept the one that we have. My hope for a reading group would be that we all learn Stoicism — complimentary philosophies — together.

With all that said, I’m extending an invitation to you to join the Stoicism reading group. The group will be a free, collaborative, and respectful forum of ideas for people interested in Stoicism and philosophy in general.

Every month, we select a text for close reading. In discussion, we give our own thoughts on the text, drawing from experience, but also explore the historical context of the writer and the writing. Doing so, we acheive a more nuanced understanding of the writer’s intentions and how the text would have been received in its time.

At first I will lead the group and chair the meetings, but hope to eventually appoint a committee for a more representative selection of texts.

To join the group, just fill out the Google form on the link here:

I hope you can join in.

Thank you