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Calgary pop-up journalism.
Note from the editor

The Sprawl is Calgary pop-up journalism. We launched in September 2017 to cover our city’s municipal election. It began as a zany experiment, a creative way to keep local journalism alive in tough times. And hey, it worked! A swell of community support has turned our tiny shop into a going concern. We’re 100% crowdfunded via Patreon. The Sprawl is designed to be set up and taken down and set up again to cover specific things. The pop-up nature of the venture — and your support — makes it doable.

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Jeremy Klaszus
Journalist and editor of @sprawlcalgary.
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Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland
Urban stuff. Visual art. Writing. Otters. Master of Landscape Architecture student @UBC Fall 2018
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Jeff Binks
Lead Advocate of the Red Mile Complete Street Advocacy Group. www.redmilecsag.ca
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Willem Klumpenhouwer
Willem is a PhD in transportation planning and engineering from the University of Calgary.
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Tom Babin
Cyclist in Chief at Shifter.info. Author of Frostbike: The Joy, Pain & Numbness of Winter Cycling http://bit.ly/1shP2WI. Author, journalist.