Poetry Writing Prompts — Week Forty-Four

Writing prompts for October 29th to November 4th

Chelsea Marie
3 min readOct 25, 2023


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Welcome to Week Forty-Four of our 2023 Writing Prompt Journey!

We have three new prompts awaiting you, and two words/concepts for each that you can try to include in your poems (if you crave a challenge).

Also, if any of these prompts fail to inspire, but the images take you in an entirely different direction, please feel free to follow where your muse leads!

Your poems may be in any form and use any poetic devices, but here are a few different ideas of poetic forms to get you started:

  • nonet: a 9-line poem with the syllable structure 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
  • limerick: a 5-line poem with an aabba rhyme scheme that usually tells a short, comedic story. The first two lines and last line are usually 8 or 9 syllables long, and the third and fourth lines are five or six syllables long. The meter within each line should look like this (where u stands for unstressed syllables, and S stands for stressed syllables): Line 1: u S u u S u u S | Line 2: u S u u S u u S | Line 3: u S u u S | Line 4: u S u u S | Line 5: u S u u S u u S
  • ballad: a poem that tells a story, written in quatrains…



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