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We are a community of strong women who share our personal stories about how we’ve survived and thrived in our lives. We share our messages to heal and help others learn from our experiences
Note from the editor

We are a community of strong women who share our personal stories about how we’ve survived and thrived in our lives. We share our messages to heal and help others learn from our experiences

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Michelle Jaqua
Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago
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Fatima Sultan
Passionate about life and its many disappointments. This was supposed to be cool. Oops! Hear more from me: https://fatimasultan.substack.com.
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Vanessa Torre
Flaming pinball, nerd, music lover, wine snob, horrible violin player. No, I won’t stop taking pictures of my drinks. vanessaltorre@gmail.com IG: vanessaltorre
Go to the profile of Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW
Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW
NYC Therapist & Author. Complex Trauma & Addiction. Dual citizen, traveler, lover of art and nature. I appreciate the absurd. Sheritherapist.com
Go to the profile of Michelle Elizabeth
Michelle Elizabeth
MFA|Essayist| Author| IG: michelle_elizabeth_writer| Email: writer.michelle.elizabeth@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Tania Caan
Tania Caan
Mum | Writer | Reader | Short Stories |Poems | IG:@writealittlefaster | Twitter: @tania_caan
Go to the profile of Shani Silver
Shani Silver
NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that. Host of A Single Serving Podcast. shanisilver[at]gmail
Go to the profile of Bonnie Barton
Bonnie Barton
Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.
Go to the profile of Kerry McAvoy, PhD
Kerry McAvoy, PhD
Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert kerry@kerrymcavoyphd.com
Go to the profile of Marilyn Regan
Marilyn Regan
Marilyn is a writer, yogi, and spiritual medium. Her favorite people are animals, especially ones that meow. She loves the ocean and hates one-use plastic.
Go to the profile of Roxanna Azimy
Roxanna Azimy
Interested in all things ethics, culture, gender, health & psychology. Asking the hard questions but not claiming to have all the answers. roxannaazimy.com
Go to the profile of Yael Wolfe
Yael Wolfe
I just want to be a big, bad wolf. | Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gleDcD | Email: welcome@yaelwolfe.com
Go to the profile of Carrie Wynn
Carrie Wynn
❦ Writer & Relationship Consultant on narcissism, overcoming abuse & trauma, and self-love. Contact me @ Blog: carriewynn.com Instagram: carrie_wynnmusings
Go to the profile of Katie Andrews
Katie Andrews
Retired teacher, exerciser, reader, skeptic, animal lover, art aficionado, cook, crafter, solo female world traveler, authority questioner, and more!
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Go to the profile of Eshal Rose
Eshal Rose
I write about feelings, emotions, and everything else that interests me. Human • Dentist • Writer • Curly Hair Enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Glenna Gill
Glenna Gill
My memoir, “When I Was Lost,” is available now. Stay in touch with me at www.glennagill.com
Go to the profile of Em Unravelling
Em Unravelling
Lover of words, books, hiking, nature and big skies. Running is my favourite thing (after the words & the books). As feisty as I need to be. theunravelling.net
Go to the profile of Samantha Blake
Samantha Blake
Making a change through the power of words and human connection. I write about empowerment, relationships, & how to conquer life.
Go to the profile of Fabiola Gallerani, Ph.D.
Fabiola Gallerani, Ph.D.
I write with heart, humanity, and integrity. Fave topics: emotional journeys & landscapes, life & its sticky lessons, relationships, & travel.
Go to the profile of Rebecca Shepard
Rebecca Shepard
Writer for Better Humans | The Virago | The Writing Cooperative | In Fitness and In Health
Go to the profile of Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis
Writer, insurance agent, & research nut. Writing about personal experiences and lessons learned in life on Medium. Freelancer at www.kellydaviswrites.com
Go to the profile of Alice Vuong
Alice Vuong
Living life imperfectly and as creatively as possible. I write about creativity, motherhood and personal growth. Website: www.alicevuong.com
Go to the profile of Niki Marinis
Niki Marinis
Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever nikimarinis@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Sabrina Sourjah
Sabrina Sourjah
Freelance Writer for Mental Health, Technology, Relationships, and Women | Adler Coach-in-Traning | For collaborations: sabrina.sourjah@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lynda Wallis
Lynda Wallis
So many lives to live; this is the one best yet. I spend lots time basking in sunbeams while learning from the gift of all the lives I’ve been given.
Go to the profile of Brianna Bennett
Brianna Bennett
Self-published author, true crime aficionado, and more! https://linktr.ee/booksby_bri
Go to the profile of Ashley Cleland, M.Ed.
Ashley Cleland, M.Ed.
Educator & Writer. Empowered Career Coach. Passionate about feminist leadership & trauma-informed practice. Let’s chat → ashleyharzog@gmail.com *Views my own*
Go to the profile of Sarah Kat
Sarah Kat
Mental health, psychology, freelancing and Solopreneurship. Columnist for The Innovation. Editor of The Elective Orphan Club. https://bit.ly/highlights-email
Go to the profile of Sarah Shoshana Rosen
Sarah Shoshana Rosen
Actor, writer, feeler of feelings. Thanks for reading! www.sarahshoshanarosen.com
Go to the profile of Jen Ellis
Jen Ellis
Writer, data analyst, mother, skier and runner in no particular order. Blogging about writing at www.jenniferellis.ca
Go to the profile of Helena Pedersen
Helena Pedersen
Lover of Dogs and Yoga. Eternally searching for ways to expand my consciousness. helenanneped@icloud.com
Go to the profile of Ruchi Das
Ruchi Das
Writer | Book Chomper | Book Blogger | I write about Writing, Personal Development, & Feminism too | Chief Editor of Books are our Superpower
Go to the profile of Sophia Lill
Sophia Lill
I’m a business computing student. I guide you with my writings to a healthier lifestyle based on researches and studies. Follow my profile to see my latest.
Go to the profile of Maria Angel Ferrero
Maria Angel Ferrero
Feminist, Writer, PhD, Researcher & Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship U. Montpellier, editor @thefacultypub and @thebravewritter blog: mariangelf.com
Go to the profile of Toma
Coffee drinker. Pasta eater. Felt creative might delete later.
Go to the profile of GB Rogut
GB Rogut
Jack of all trades, mistress of poetry. Mexicana. Bi. Autistic. Find all things Gaby here https://linktr.ee/GabyRosales
Go to the profile of Charlotte
My private diaries. I write about mental health, childhood trauma, ending the tyranny of toxic family dynamics https://vimeo.com/ondemand/cowboyjoe/
Go to the profile of Sphynx JuneBerry
Sphynx JuneBerry
Trilingual legal eagle, habitual giggler, daydreamer, Indigo Child, ENTP…sharing lived experience in “True story bro” fashion. https://linktr.ee/SphynxJuneBerry
Go to the profile of Fatim Hemraj
Fatim Hemraj
Editor of Chameleon, a true crime publication. Find me & subscribe to my (free!) monthly newsletter at https://fatimhemraj.com 🧟‍♀️
Go to the profile of Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma
She/Her, Brown, Creator and Editor of The Pink, Feminist, Storyteller and Fashion Enthusiast. Follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/rritikasharmaa/
Go to the profile of Roxana Anton
Roxana Anton
Creator of My Universe. I love Spirituality, Humor, Cats, Classic Hollywood. Poet, Author, Translator, Dreamer. My pen name is Gabrielle Queen.
Go to the profile of Janette Hoefer
Janette Hoefer
B2B comms professional; Writer; Mindfulness, sports & tech enthusiast; Serial experimenter; Curios about everything that might shape and fuel my journey!
Go to the profile of Shruthi Sundaram
Shruthi Sundaram
Writer, foodie and an avid reader. I am passionate about bringing up issues of women and giving the world a different perspective. 2x Top Writer.
Go to the profile of Victoria Ponte
Victoria Ponte
Young stroke survivor, mother, champion equestrian, tambourine player, storyteller, https://www.victoriaponte.com amazon.com/author/victoriaponte
Go to the profile of Suzanna Quintana
Suzanna Quintana
Writer. Abuse Survivor. Narcissist Recovery Coach. Bestselling Author of “You’re Still That Girl: Get over Your Abusive Ex for Good!” www.suzannaquintana.com
Go to the profile of Eternal sunshine
Eternal sunshine
I’m the exception | Doing better | Livin’ a little
Go to the profile of Tegan Brooke
Tegan Brooke
I write stories on Medium to heal from trauma in a safe, creative space ❤ IG: theeternaladolescent
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Lou
Elizabeth Lou
Product of male-dominated industries / Wife / Survivor Advocate /Challenger of accepted beliefs /Writer for: The Pink, ILLUMINATION, The Innovation
Go to the profile of Elle Silver
Elle Silver
Former Playboy writer. Professional over-sharer. L.A.-based. More about me: my.bio/theformerlymrs Support: ko-fi.com/ellesilver
Go to the profile of Claire Divino
Claire Divino
All things divine, (might be naughty) fantasies, light and darkness combined. Subscribe: https://clairedivino.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Mary Wise
Mary Wise
Poetry and personal stories from past lives. Writer, editor, teacher, photographer, and RN. I live in PA with my husband and two children.
Go to the profile of Sadie Morghan
Sadie Morghan
Writer and student of life and its beautiful mysteries. Drinker of beer, coffee and herder of machines. I write to make you both feel and think.
Go to the profile of Ailsa Bristow
Ailsa Bristow
I write things for a living. Copywriting | Personal essays + Op-eds | Fiction. Find me at: ailsabristow.ca
Go to the profile of Sarah J. Baker
Sarah J. Baker
Navel Gazer | Feminist | Urban Agriculturalist | Sweating the little things. Follow me at https://www.facebook.com/thiswomxn/
Go to the profile of Emmanuella A.
Emmanuella A.
Young and growing aspiring journalist/presenter. Giving answers to the wondering wonders of the human mind
Go to the profile of Jessamyn Leigh
Jessamyn Leigh
Sharing my experiences in relationships, mental health, self-care & life, in general, as a therapeutic outlet & in hopes to support, connect with & help others.
Go to the profile of Jasmin El-i
Jasmin El-i
Traveler,photographer, risk-taker, language trainer, aspiring wordsmith, and at the moment — a hobo :)
Go to the profile of HKB
Mother, teacher, avid reader, occasional writer, and activist — who are you?
Go to the profile of Katherine Hart
Katherine Hart
Breaking the silence. Offering hope.
Go to the profile of Alexandria LeForce
Alexandria LeForce
I seek to understand the “why” and research solutions to help myself and others.
Go to the profile of Maryann Samreth
Maryann Samreth
Maryann Samreth is a mental health writer for the healing journey. Sign up for her newsletter https://www.subscribepage.com/sincerelymissmarybreakupworkbook
Go to the profile of Sarah Stroh
Sarah Stroh
New Yorker living in Berlin. I overshare stories about sex positivity, love, and non-monogamy. Get more details on my monogamish life 👉 https://bit.ly/2I81N62
Go to the profile of Lori Welch Brown
Lori Welch Brown
Bird by birding for P.S. I Love You, The Ascent, Creative Cafe, etc. while guzzling java, attempting to be humorous, and herding cats. loriwbrown@icloud.com
Go to the profile of Joy Stone
Joy Stone
Life Coach. Yoga Teacher. Founder of Soul School. Best-Selling Author, If I’m So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? www.joystonecoaching.com
Go to the profile of Dr. Tonya Crombie
Dr. Tonya Crombie
Mom, wife, life coach, and best-selling author of “Stop Worrying about Your Anxious Child”. Lover of fun and ridiculosity. https://guidanceforthefuture.com/
Go to the profile of K. Mercurio
K. Mercurio
She who decided to start living. Writer-lady, human absolute. Connect w/ me at kmercurio.writes@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Erica Rex
Erica Rex
Writer for NYT, Sci Am Nat‘l Mag Award. Climate, mental health, wild things. erica.rex@gmail.com. Newsletter https://psychedelicrenaissance.substack.com/
Go to the profile of I. Trudie Palmer
I. Trudie Palmer
Writing lets me promote the work of Esoteric Gardens. Here we explore creativity, meditation, spirituality, and more. Find us at https://esotericgardenskn.com/
Go to the profile of Rachael Lewis
Rachael Lewis
Freelance Journalist. Top Writer in Feminism. Content: Philosophy in Love, Mindfulness, Writing, Trauma, Feminism
Go to the profile of MaryBeth Gronek
MaryBeth Gronek
Syndicated Writer from Chicago. I write about personal growth and relationships. ❤ Founder, CEO of A Good & Spacious Land: agoodandspaciousland.com.
Go to the profile of Rebecca Lloyd-Wright
Rebecca Lloyd-Wright
My musings on race, feminism and sexuality
Go to the profile of Never Sugarcoated
Never Sugarcoated
Sobriety. Sex. Diet culture. Creative nonfiction. Poetry. Occasional satire. I also write confessional letters to people, places, and things. She/her.
Go to the profile of Suman Sandhu
Suman Sandhu
Writer, reader, sunglasses-lover, reluctant yogi, amateur meditator, permanent chill-seeker | London, UK | www.theshadeylady.com @thetinkpanther
Go to the profile of Christine Schoenwald
Christine Schoenwald
Writer for The Los Angeles Times, Salon, The Startup, Tenderly, Fearless She Wrote, MuddyUm. Christineschoenwaldwriter.com
Go to the profile of Sidda Lee
Sidda Lee
Resident black sheep. Generational trauma explorer. Survivor. Advocate. Old enough to have a skincare routine.
Go to the profile of Michelle Loucadoux, MBA
Michelle Loucadoux, MBA
Published author, motivational speaker, educator, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: http://eepurl.com/g1Phiv
Go to the profile of Susan Ball
Susan Ball
Recovery After Abuse blossomed from my own abusive relationships. All women are entitled to live free, fulfilled, fearless. www.recoveryafterabuse.ca
Go to the profile of Lara Henneman
Lara Henneman
Telling stories 🖋️ Politics 🖍️ Parenting 🖊️ Travel.
Go to the profile of Jasmine Soumana
Jasmine Soumana
Yoga Teacher. Philosopher. Storyteller. Explorer. Meditator. Lover. Trying to understand reality. Living to experience it. Let’s not forget that life is a dance
Go to the profile of Katarzyna Orłow
Katarzyna Orłow
Polish by birth and residence. A passionate writer, painter and sailor. On a daily basis, an office manager, mother of two girls, reading and DIY enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Stephanie Thurrott
Stephanie Thurrott
I write stories that make our lives better. I learn something with everything I write, and I hope you do too. Get my newsletter: stephaniethurrott.com/medium
Go to the profile of Akhila Nagar
Akhila Nagar
Mixing the rare with the quotidian. Trying to find the happy and beautiful moments in life.
Go to the profile of Kristina Segarra
Kristina Segarra
Freelance health & wellness writer/musician/ mom of two boys. Editor of Illumination’s Mirror
Go to the profile of Kara Summers
Kara Summers
Writer. Raising awareness of emotional abuse and toxic relationships. Narcissistic Abuse Survivor.
Go to the profile of Elisabeth Tsubota
Elisabeth Tsubota
Writer. Filmmaker. Ex Chocolatier.
Go to the profile of Elyse Wright
Elyse Wright
I can’t stop writing about love and love and love. I’ve been writing poems since I could talk. Welcome to my corner. 💜POMpoet💜
Go to the profile of Bertilla Niveda
Bertilla Niveda
Artist, engineer, and writer with a lot to say.
Go to the profile of C ON S C I O U S / C H A N G E
C ON S C I O U S / C H A N G E
ADVOCATE. WRITER. EDUCATOR. TRAUMA RECOVERY COACH. Spreading Awareness About Narcissistic Abuse. IG: conscious_change
Go to the profile of Tima Loku
Tima Loku
Here to write and disrupt social order.
Go to the profile of Hakima T A N T R I K A
Hakima T A N T R I K A
Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, Writer, Educator ❤ Certified Tantra Teacher | www.hakimatantrika.com
Go to the profile of Rebecca Ruth Gould
Rebecca Ruth Gould
Poetry, politics, translation. The Caucasus, Iran, Islam, Palestine. Professor Islamic World & Comparative Literatures. https://rrgould.hcommons.org/
Go to the profile of Randye S Spina, MBA
Randye S Spina, MBA
Non-fiction author, corporate refugee, marketer, award-winning adjunct professor. Nonprofit board member. Hopelessly interested in everything.
Go to the profile of Gaby Spadaro
Gaby Spadaro
I like to go deep into my thoughts and reflect on this giant puzzle we call life and write about it. ·Digital marketer ·Writer· Truth seeker·
Go to the profile of Kristina Jancar
Kristina Jancar
boss babe is my day job. storytelling is my passion. i feel my feelings, also i teach yoga. i write about: Self | Growth | Life | Mindfulness
Go to the profile of Marne Platt
Marne Platt
Writing about whatever comes to my mind. Editing whatever comes to your mind. Join me at www.fundamentalcapabilities.com
Go to the profile of Xandra Okori
Xandra Okori
I write to explore ideas and inspire others to see the beauty in the unexpected.
Go to the profile of Kirsty Armstrong
Kirsty Armstrong
Gendered violence | Psychology | Mental Health | Writer at Bravely | Bebravely.com.au
Go to the profile of Lena
I promise I’m a lot more fun at parties than these articles make you think.
Go to the profile of Lisa Kalkes
Lisa Kalkes
A FT working mom, wife, veteran, and 90’s hip-hop and R&B connoisseur.
Go to the profile of Eloosh
Artistic forms of expression are my ways of communication | Mental health advocate | Sharing my personal experiences
Go to the profile of Cathy Assoba
Cathy Assoba
British-born Congolese native, living in London. https://www.ofallthecolours.com
Go to the profile of Kayla Vokolek
Kayla Vokolek
Recent creative writing grad located in Los Angeles. She/her.
Go to the profile of Brooklyn Reece
Brooklyn Reece
Writer. Creator. Teacher. Feminist. Just trying to spread love, talk about equity, and be a good human. She/her. Follow me on Instagram @brooklynxreece!
Go to the profile of Rica Keenum
Rica Keenum
Journalist, yoga enthusiast, author of Petals of Rain and essays for Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, Motherwell, Literary Mama and more. Connect at Ricawrites.com
Go to the profile of Jessey Anthony
Jessey Anthony
Motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: http://bit.ly/2Z0FNz8
Go to the profile of Elan Cassandra
Elan Cassandra
Writer and Writing Mentor. Screenwriter. Honest. Human. She/Her. @elancassandra on Instagram, @ElanCDuensing on Twitter. https://linktr.ee/elancassandra
Go to the profile of Allison Crady
Allison Crady
❤️ Writing on life lessons, mental health, feminism, and relationships. Published in: The Ascent, Better Advice, CYMCYL, An Injustice, and The Virago. (she/her)