Why the Walkley Magazine is moving to Medium

Same mission. New network.

The Walkley Magazine you know and love isn’t going anywhere. Our print edition will still be landing in the mailboxes of journalists across Australia and New Zealand four times in 2017.

But we’re trying out this new home for Walkley Magazine stories online.

Here on Medium, it’s easy for readers to discover topics and writers matching their interests. So here our stories can reach a bigger audience who cares about quality journalism and the people who make it.

We also dig the way Medium emphasises the writer — we couldn’t bring you these stories without our contributors — and this way our writers can showcase their Walkley stories as part of their broader profile and portfolio.

So this move is good for readers, good for writers, and good for our mission to spread the word about what great Australian and New Zealand journalism looks like and why it is important.

The Walkley Magazine has always been a community of journalists talking to each other. We bring together all kinds of media makers, not just writers but cartoonists and artists, photojournalists, subeditors, producers, researchers, authors, editors, managers, professional communicators and more. And we unite them from across the industry, whether they work for major legacy media companies, startups or themselves as freelancers.

The Walkley Mag has always relied on those voices from the industry who share their ideas and their best work. All we do is provide a platform for them to share the stories behind their stories — the wins, the challenges, the lessons learned.

In recent years we’ve become increasingly interested in experiments with the storytelling, business and distribution models that underpin and sustain quality journalism. A lot of the thoughtful conversations on these topics are happening on Medium so we look forward to some constructive cross-pollination.

In disrupted times for media, as more and more journalists work outside the traditional newsroom structures, having a platform where journalists can connect is critical.

And as we face the challenge of rebuilding trust in journalism as an institution, we need to have these discussions in the open.

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