When Stars Fade, Legends Rise

The Wanderers
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3 min readOct 31, 2023


An artificial wormhole is detected hurtling through space on a collision course with the Alliance’s lone star. Its arrival would mean the end of every species inside of Alliance territory. Legendary pilots, Warp Squad 16, were deployed and tasked with travelling through the wormhole to shut it down from the inside.

They failed.

And their fate remains a mystery.

Now, it’s up to you. As the wormhole closes in, you are the Alliance’s last chance of survival. Step through a portable Wormhole, armed with ancient technology and your own tenacity, and prepare to die. Because for you death does not mean the end. It is a chance to live again — to remember, adapt, and overcome.

It’s time to find out what happened to Warp Squad 16 and to earn your redemption. It’s time to step up and save the Alliance from whatever evil is attempting to destroy it.

It’s time to kick some galactic ass.

In 2022 we announced a $2M seed round with Animoca Brands & GameFi Ventures.

Since then, we have been working deeply with our partners to bring to life the Wanderers video game.

What is Wanderers?

Wanderers is a sci-fi action rogue-lite that combines strategic deck building elements with a story-driven campaign that changes each season.

Think of it like: Hades with a trading card game twist.

Step through the Wormhole and prepare to battle across a series of unique planets. Choose your weapons, customize your deck, and prepare to die. Each new life grants you new chances to adapt and uncover what really happened to the legendary heroes who came before you.

Before each run, you curate a deck of cards to encounter on your journey. These cards are called “RAM” or Random Access Memories. Each RAM card contains the memories of a mind superior to yours. So you can get a hero’s edge, minus the effort.

This feature offer players a mechanism to invest in and influence the random nature of rewards that are a core characteristic of rogue-likes. This control balances the unpredictability inherent in the genre, giving players a more profound sense of agency and strategy.

Read more about RAM here.

Wanderers FAQ

When can I play Wanderers?

Early Access (for eligible players) begins Q1 2024.

How can I become eligible to play?

To play during Early Access, players must purchase a RAM starter pack.

How do I get a RAM starter pack?

RAM starter packs will be sold on a first come first serve basis. You must have at least 300XP on your WanderScore in order to become eligibile for purchase (ELIGIBILITY CHECK COMING SOON).

Learn more about RAM here.

How much does the game cost?

Wanderers is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

Is Wanderers pay-to-win?

No. The core tenets of Wanderers is fun and accessibility. In-app purchases will grant players deeper customization but not block the core gameplay.

What systems is Wanderers on?

Windows, MAC OSX

Is Wanderers multiplayer?

Not during early access. Wanderers will support cooperative and competitive play later on.

Does Wanderers support controllers?

Yes, it is our recommended way to play.

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The Wanderers

The greatest story in the metaverse — and you’ve got a lead role.