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What Went Wrong?
What Went Wrong? is a participatory journalism project, reporting on foreign aid from the ground level. Follow us @failedaid on Twitter and Facebook.
Note from the editor

What Went Wrong? is a citizen journalism project mapping failed, unfinished, or broken aid projects across Africa. We are working to bring the voices of aid recipients to the forefront of the global discussion on foreign aid, inverting the traditional power dynamic by putting impact evaluation in the hands of the people most directly affected by aid interventions: the beneficiaries. Through text message and social media submissions, concerned citizens across Africa will be able to report on aid work in their own communities. The information they provide will appear on a map-based interface and will be redirected in social media posts toward any NGOs involved. By connecting vital local perspectives to the global conversation on foreign aid, the What Went Wrong? project will broaden public discourse and cultivate a more nuanced understanding of the human ramifications of failed projects, increasing transparency and accountability over time.

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Co-Founder & Photographer
Peter DiCampo
Photographer. Cofounder @everydayafrica @evdayprojects. 2018–2019 @JSKstanford fellow. 2018 @pulitzercenter grantee + @THSEA artist.
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Co-Founder & Designer
Joseph Wheeler
Joe is a New York-based designer who works with journalists and nonprofits to tell stories that matter in new and engaging ways.