Already There, A Few Things Left To Do

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We have always tried to show everyone interested in our project, that we care about their comfort, and consider ensuring the security of payments, together with protection from all types of cyber attacks, our key priority.

On March 3, we’ve reached a new level: 100 000 participants registered. We appreciate the trust of those who are ready to support the project and will do our best to ensure that as many of them as possible will participate in the Token Sale (DAICO). This is exactly what distinguishes us from other projects that cancelled Token Sales at the last moment and used to conduct pre-sales or/and closed sales for selected participants. In order to achieve the said goal, we are being kept really busy improving our system’s performance, so that it is able to process all the requests.

Upon the recommendations from Mikko Ohtamaa, our technical advisor, we postpone the KYC / AML procedure for several days in order to test its safety. Our partners from Netki (our KYC / AML provider) are integrating the mobile app MyVerify, that will help to submit all necessary documents in less than 5 minutes.

Also we plan to make additional security tests and improvements as recommended by Mikko.

Security never hurts. Since it is DAICO, the smart contract security is specially welcomed. That’s why we’ll have minimum three smart contract audits done.

  1. Oceanico has made the first audit and reported this at their website;

2. The second from reputable NewAlchemy will be delivered in nearest days;

3. Audit from global leader in blockchain security Hosho is being done at this moment.

Our next steps will be as follows:

1) Proceeding with whitelisting — ONGOING NOW;

2) Providing safe and comfortable KYC / AML procedure for the whitelisted participants — March 19;

3) Getting statistics and making changes to the maximum cap and other accurate settings (if needed) — TBA;

4) Introducing the waitlist if oversubscribed — TBA;

5) Conducting the Token Sale (DAICO) — April 16;

It will take a bit more time (than we previously expected) to make everything done without a rush. We do think this will provide a better experience and comfort for all our contributors, that are eager to participate.

We are also building the platform’s prototype and would be glad to show it before the start of Token Sale (DAICO).

We ask all our users to stay calm: being added to the whitelist ensures your participation in the sale, if you successfully pass KYC / AML procedure. You will be able to buy ABYSS tokens as soon as the Token Sale (DAICO) starts.

Hope for your understanding!