End Titles for 2019: Key Highlights

The Аbyss Team
Dec 31, 2019 · 4 min read
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Hi all! The year 2019 is close to an end. It was an exciting and extremely productive year, with its challenges and victories. With your help, The Abyss Team have achieved lots of astonishing results. The most memorable moments of the 2019 season at a glance are provided below. Let us recall them together!

The Abyss platform development

We made great progress in terms of platform development and, after a year of continuous effort and hard work, in March 2019 we’ve proudly presented the beta-version of The Abyss Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By applying and developing the best practices in terms of technology and user experience, we unveiled an amazing product with a starter set of games and features.

The Abyss MVP was soon followed by the Desktop Client, a Windows OS app that supports all of the web functionality and can work as a full replacement for the browser version of the platform.

During 2019 we have completed The Abyss rebranding process and continued to develop both web and client versions of the platform by adding more features and games. Some of the most notable (currently available) features include:

  • Browser (web) and client games support;
  • Adobe Flash / HTML5-based games support;
  • Crypto wallet support with QR-code technology;
  • Token balance top-up functionality;
  • Token/fiat payments support;
  • Referral system;
  • One-click silent installation technology;
  • Transaction History;
  • Profile page with Public Profile feature;
  • Token withdrawal feature;
  • Adaptive user interface;
  • Mobile devices support;
  • User Game Rating;
  • An overlay interface for in-game purchases;
  • Cross-platform matchmaking;
  • Platform Achievements;
  • The Abyss notification bot;
  • Shortcuts for web games feature;
  • Compact Menu;
  • Tray menu;
  • Continued Download” feature.

In August, we introduced Abyss Launcher, the newest and the most advanced client app to keep Flash games running. It is a safe and reliable technology protecting game developers and powering their projects. Abyss Launcher stepped in at the right time serving the interests of the industry and becoming a valuable addition to The Abyss ecosystem.

UE4 and Waves partnerships

This has also been an extraordinary year in terms of partnerships and market expansion. In April, we’ve launched a special programme for our partner developers which includes licensing, maintenance and support for a renowned Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) technology.

Today, developers on The Abyss platform can enjoy favourable terms for use of UE4 game engine and access to the Unreal Developer Network (UDN). The Abyss also provides marketing support for new UE4-based games, helping devs to attract early adopters, while already released games will be offered extra traffic.

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As part of this programme, we had a pleasure to attend a very special ceremony — Unreal Contest Awards — to pick a winner in “The best MMO-project” nomination with $3000 of The Abyss-sponsored prize! We have chosen SKIT Project, a new tactical and strategic multiplayer online game, that will be available on The Abyss platform in 2020!

In May, The Abyss has been supporting the first-ever Unity Developer Day in Moscow. We were extremely honoured to be part of such a significant event and are looking forward to offering Unity developers our special conditions!

In September, The Abyss started its cooperation with Waves Platform, an open network and decentralized environment for Web 3.0 apps, to implement a blockchain-powered marketplace of digital goods and in-game items. The Abyss has become the first game platform to utilize Waves’ blockchain technology for building a universal marketplace of all tradable goods offered by partner game developers through their games.

Chain Warriors and the first major game event

Same month The Abyss has released Chain Warriors, a browser-based MMORPG powered by blockchain technology, exclusively available on our platform. The game combines a classic RPG mechanics, PvP/ PvE battles and enjoyable graphics contributing to the fast expansion of its gamer audience. Players can collect various in-game items and trade them for Waves tokens on Item Market, a digital marketplace developed by Waves.

Launched in November, Chain Warriors Marathon which came as a result of cooperation between The Abyss and Waves, has become our first major in-game event that attracted nearly 3000 players who competed with each other in numerous nominations.

Abyss Token

In 2019, we have also brought about more liquidity for Abyss Token by adding several large crypto exchanges, including:

  • Kyber Network — our token has become accessible through KyberSwap (tradeable with all currencies in there) and other platforms utilizing Kyber Network’s on-chain liquidity protocol;
  • ZBG.com, a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange and a sub-brand of the much larger exchange — ZB.com;
  • Bittrex International, Bittrex’s Europe-based affiliate and one of the world-class well-known crypto exchanges.

We have given our inner currency another boost by kick-starting a series of initiatives aimed at Abyss Token support. The Abyss platform users were offered to purchase games and in-game items with significant discounts. Aside from this, Blockchain Cuties, an adorable multi-blockchain crypto game, has integrated our token with its protocol, which means that each cutie can be bought with, or sold for, Abyss Token.

See you in 2020!

Indeed, 2019 was a good one to remember! However, more developments, enjoyable games and other achievements are ahead. Starting from 2020, all development updates can be found on “Release Notes” page on The Abyss platform. We will keep posting news about major features and updates in this blog.

Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2020!


The Abyss Team

The Abyss Platform

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