Revealing DAICO Dates and KYC/AML Details

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Dear, friends! We would like to take this opportunity to reveal the Token Sale (DAICO) dates and further KYC/AML details.

  1. First of all, we welcome Onfido as our new KYC/AML technical provider. The company helps businesses digitally onboard users by verifying their IDs and comparing them with their facial biometrics using machine learning. Founded in 2012, Onfido is now a team of 150, and has over 1500 clients across the wide range of industries globally. The technology offered by Onfido successfully won our selection, and is being integrated into the system at the moment.
  2. On Monday (Mar 19, 2018) we’ll start accepting your data for KYC/AML. Our current technical capacity allows to implement an effective procedure for all, without the need to divide it into waves / stages. All contributors will be given enough time to complete KYC/AML.
  3. Your current KYC/AML status, instructions on how to apply and pass the verification procedure will be available in your dashboard at The Abyss. We’ll guide you through all the steps, and will provide instant feedback to your inquiries, to help everyone complete KYC/AML successfully. Each case will be reviewed individually.
  4. If you’re not going to purchase tokens and will participate in the Token Sale (DAICO) referral and bounty programs only, then there’s no need for you to apply for KYC/AML. Though in exceptional cases, we may ask you to run the process.
  5. Those who complete the KYC/AML procedure successfully can use our Telegram bot to reserve a guaranteed amount of ETH they wish to contribute during the Token Sale (DAICO). To confirm your reservation, please make sure that a week before the Token Dale the respective ETH amount is stored on your ETH wallet balance. This will allow you to send the decided amount 24 hours prior to the start of crowdsale and receive 25% bonus (same will be granted to the first 48 hours contributors). The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO) will be launched on April 16, closing on May 16, 2018. Reservation is available only for those participants who participated in our promo.
  6. As for your concerns regarding your personal data been sent for our previous KYC provider review. According to the contract, it will be destroyed in compliance with the termination clause. Those who have already applied for KYC/AML will have to repeat it.
  7. We have something special for our early supporters. All registered before February 7 participants will receive 3% bonus for their first contribution. Those registered after will also have such an opportunity, but on distinct conditions that will be announced soon.

We hope that aforesaid measures will help to bring you the best KYC/AML experience!


The Abyss Team