SOT (Save Our Tokens): The Abyss Loyalty Program

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The Аbyss Team
May 22, 2018 · 2 min read

There were various reasons that prevented some of you from getting your ABYSS tokens during The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO). Unfortunately, despite all our efforts a number of The Abyss supporters fell the victims of scammers that followed hard behind the project, setting up phishing sites, imitating ours, and creating fake accounts on Telegram, social media and using fraud mailings. Others have sent funds either with ETH wallets that only pretend to be personal, or directly from the exchanges. And some of you have sent BNB tokens to Binance smart contract instead of ours.

However, we do not want any of our devoted supporters to feel shipwrecked and abandoned. We received your SOT (Save Our Tokens) signal and are out to the rescue. Today, we’re launching an exclusive loyalty program that will help you to get ABYSS tokens lost due to the aforesaid reasons, at the expense of the company.

To become a part of this program, please follow these instructions: reach out to The Abyss support page using this link, and fill in the fields to submit a request.

The SOT program form

Please provide maximum info (pay special attention to writing a detailed description of your case) and apply all available data related to your transaction (i.e. the Etherscan link, date, screenshots, etc.).

We will review and check each application carefully and individually, and will try to recover your loss.

Note: Fraud applications attempting to cheat the loyalty program, together with applications providing insufficient data, will be rejected.

The Abyss support page:


The Abyss Team

The Abyss Platform

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