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The Monero Moon is a curated weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero.

June 29th 2021

Development, Releases, and Technology

The Monero Core Team released a statement regarding the recent termination of employment of Diego ‘rehrar’ Salazar. Salazar was previously contracted by the Core Team to support the Monero Project and was paid in XMR from the General Fund. Read the Core Team’s statement here.

Wondering what’s the current state of development in the Monero Project? Head over to Github and take a look for yourself! :-) Additionally, as stated on the Monero Project’s Github, “It is HIGHLY recommended that you join the #monero-dev IRC channel if you are developing software that uses Monero. Due to the nature of this open source software project, joining this channel and idling is the best way to stay updated on best practices and new developments in the Monero ecosystem.”

The cryptocurrency mining community are trying to open a dialogue with Microsoft and other anti-virus companies to put some resources into distinguishing good software and unwanted, including Monero wallet and XMRig.They are requesting that mining software that is from trusted sources (e.g. software that has an EV certificate, has its code signed, comes from a publicly known author, and is proven to be safe) be allowed by Windows Defender to run smoothly when installed by the user. Help to make this change happen by signing their petition.

General News

It’s been a quiet week for Monero, with not much happening compared to previous weeks.

Cryptopolitan published an article titled Crypto scam: Hackers divert $2 million in Monero through new malware for gamers. According to the website, Avast researchers detected a mining malware called Crackonosh that targets gamers. A detailed breakdown and informative report on this issue from Avast can be found here.

On a recent episode of Monero Talk, Doug (the host) interviewed Rohan Grey, an assistant professor at Willamette University College of Law who participated in the recent U.S. Congressional hearing on digitizing the dollar. The two discussed their shared belief in the importance of privacy preserving digital cash. Check it out below.

Monero Talk — Rohan Grey on a Privacy Preserving Digital Dollar vs. Monero

Monero Flag Man was spotted once again waving the Monero flag at a recent protest in the UK.

Monero Flag spotted at a protest in the UK

Exchanges and Merchants

A recent poll on Reddit took place to determine what users considered to be the most trustworthy exchange to buy XMR. The vote is still taking place so click here to have your say.

British/Russian cryptocurrency exchange EXMO is delisting Monero. According to their website: “XMR deposits will be terminated on 01st July 2021. XMR trading will be terminated on 15th July 2021. Coin withdrawal will only be possible until 01st September 2021.”

Want to buy or sell something with XMR? Check out the weekly Friday Monero Market Thread on Reddit.

Community Crowdfunding System

There are a number of other Community Crowdfunding System proposals awaiting feedback and discussion. This includes proposals for a Monero meme website,mj’s Q3 part-time coding, and an offshore banking server. The proposals can be viewed here and feedback is encouraged.

Trading & Speculation

Josh from Brave New Coin provided an XMR price analysis video. Watch it below or here.

Monero Price Analysis — 25th June 2021

rexlomax provided a trading idea anticipating an 80%+ move upwards.

Dmitry_Nikolaev also made a long prediction for XMR.


Total Monero in Circulation — 17,941,992 XMR

Monero Total Marketcap — $3,914,921,695 USD

Monero Coinmarketcap Ranking — #26

XMR/USD Price — $219 USD

XMR/USD 4hr chart on Kraken

XMR/BTC Price — 0.00621 BTC

XMR/BTC 4hr chart on Binance Street Price — $235 USD

Average Transaction Fee — 0.00002 XMR ($0.05 USD)

Hashrate — 2.410 Ghash/s

Monero Mining Pools Hashrate Distribution


Monero Flag Flies At London Freedom Protest


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Past Issues

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