Time to Launch: 10 Entrepreneurial Initiatives in 10 Weeks

Welcoming 1 Million Cups to Barry Hall for Internship Day.

The past six weeks have been spent listening, now it’s time to launch!

There are 10 weeks left in the semester, so we decided to pursue the audacious goal of launching a new initiative each week until the school year is complete. These 10 initiatives will create a foundation and momentum to power our entrepreneurial efforts.

We will keep a running list of everything we are launching on this post. Just click on an initiative to learn more.

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Most importantly, we want your help!

Like any good entrepreneur, we are testing and learning what will best help our students, faculty and community. Any feedback or collaboration you can provide will help us further our work. Just contact me or book a meeting to share your ideas.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Nice Explorers — Connecting students and faculty with entrepreneurship around the country
  2. Nice Scholars + CoSearch NDSU — Supporting entrepreneurial research
  3. Niche Craft — Workshops to train essential skills for entrepreneurs.
  4. Nice Productions — Documenting the stories of NDSU faculty, students, alumni and visitors.
  5. Nice Data — Transparent measurement of what works in entrepreneurship education and programming.
  6. The Nice Network — Connecting students and community members with events, mentorship and resources in one online community
  7. Nice Studio — Open office hours for aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their ideas together and with the Nice Center.
  8. Ecosystem Centers — Conference for entrepreneurship centers to discuss how to best help their local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  9. Nice Faculty Fellows — Faculty members inspiring entrepreneurship across the NDSU campus.