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THEOS Token Distribution

With days away from our IDO, we want to take this opportunity to showcase some of the target uses of our token, and bring closer the details of the $THEOS token distribution to our community. We have developed several built-in incentives to reward the participants that will interact within our ecosystem — the following graphic will outline the high level breakdown of the token distribution for each of them, and the roles will be detailed below.

Overview of ecosystem participants and token distribution

Early -Seed and Private- investors — $THEOS tokens (10%)

Transforming any idea into a fully-fledged product can be a burdensome process that requires dozens of highly capable individuals, not to mention sizable investments to fund initial operations. Seed and private investors support projects from their first steps, carrying both the expectation of adequate developments and returns, and the risk of failure. Having recently closed our private round at an average price of USD $0,00328, we have now raised a total of USD 3.280.000. We deeply thank those that initially believed in THEOS and helped us get to this exciting stage.

Nonetheless, early investor allocated tokens won’t be unlocked for some time — we will provide more details on the token distribution, vesting and cliffs of each category later in this post. We will also further develop upon seed and private investors in an upcoming article, so stay tuned!

IDO — 39.000.000 $THEOS tokens (0,39%)

Our IDO will be carried out on’s decentralized launchpad platform — OccamRazer. With it, we intend to both conclude our initial investment round, and simultaneously give our community the possibility to be a part of the project and support it through its early stages. We will make available a total of 39,000,000 $THEOS tokens at an initial price of USD $0,0089, and will list shortly after on secondary exchanges — both DEXs and CEXs for those that weren’t randomly selected to participate.

You can check the exact IDO details here.

Strategic partnerships — $THEOS tokens (11,23%)

Our strategic partners have been playing a central role in THEOS and will be of great importance in the project’s future. Aligned with our philosophy, we are accompanied by renowned personalities and institutions from several industries that provide unparalleled insights into what THEOS is and can become. They are thought leaders in academia, creators in entertainment spaces, accomplished blockchain projects, and more.

For an overview of publicly-announced partners you can check our Medium page.

Founders and team — 1.920.000.000 $THEOS tokens (19,2%)

The team is incentivized to deliver long term value to the project. Team tokens will undergo a two-year vesting period for founders, and one-year vesting for C-suite, both with an initial three-month cliff. These mechanisms have been set in place to produce a solid project that includes both planned and new products, while we slowly and carefully transition into a fully decentralized community-governed organization. Founder allocation also includes a significant amount for our developer team — those in charge of delivering the technology for embracing NFTs as the next building block of the decentralized financial ecosystem.

You can read more about the THEOS Team here.

Community Marketing and incentives — $THEOS tokens (11,18%)

In order to improve the project’s visibility and adoption, THEOS has assigned a sizable amount of its total token supply to marketing and community incentive programs. This has been thought with creators at the center of the ecosystem — and providing them with an incentive to bring their creations aboard. Additionally, we’ll have a number of community competitions — such as quizzes, token trading, airdrops, artistic challenges, influencer marketing, and more.

Token liquidity — 700.000.000 $THEOS tokens (7%)

The THEOS project is reliant upon $THEOS, our multi-purpose token designed to be a part of most features and functionalities. The Association has allocated a total of 700.000.000 $THEOS for token stability, which will be used to fund several liquidity pools and placed on centralized exchanges for those interested in obtaining it.

Liquidity Mining — 1.750.000.000 $THEOS tokens (17,5%)

A significant percentage of THEOS total supply has been assigned for liquidity mining incentives and may be used in a number of ways. Stay tuned for updates regarding our liquidity mining program.

NFT Creators’ Fund — 1.750.000.000 $THEOS tokens (17,5%)

THEOS has created a considerable allocation for an NFT Creator’s Fund, which basically aims to incentivize content creation. Community members will create NFTs that- after passing some vetting stages, will receive some $THEOS tokens.

Community NFT Fund — 600.000.000 (6%)

A community NFT fund will be created, with an allocation of 6% of total supply. This fund will be community managed, and it will be upon its members to decide who will receive$ THEOS allocations. For example, if a member starts submitting NFTs that gain enough tracking and popularity, the community will have the opportunity to assign special DELPHI pool tokens to those NFTs. DELPHI pool tokens are those attached and locked to NFTs, where the creator must stake said NFT in order to claim the underlying fungible tokens.

We will further develop upon both funds in the upcoming months.

$THEOS Token Release Schedule (as % of each category supply)

Here is the brief overview of the initial token releases and later release schedule.

Initial release references the percentage being unlocked to every category at the time of IDO.

Vesting is the time it’s going to take for the full amount to be released.

Cliff references the time it will take from the initial release to the next token unlock.

E.g.: 1.300.000.000 $THEOS tokens with 0,1% initial release, 3 month cliff and 12 month vesting period would be understood as: 100.000.000 $THEOS being released soon after IDO, and 100.000.000 $THEOS (1,2 million/12 months) being released monthly after an initial cool-off period of 3 months .

  • Private Sale: 5% initially released — rest through a 12 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • Public Sale: 5% initially released — rest through a 12 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • IDO: 100% fully unlocked at listing.
  • Strategic partnerships: No initial release — rest through a 24 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • Founders: 1% initial release — rest through a 24 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • C-Suite: 2% initial release — rest through a 12 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • Community and marketing incentives: 5% initial release — rest through a 12 month vesting period with a 3 month cliff.
  • Token liquidity: 35% initial release — rest through a 12 month vesting period with a 1 month cliff.
  • Liquidity mining: 4% initial release — rest through a 24 month vesting period with a 1 month cliff.
  • NFT Creator fund: 0% initial release — rest through a 36 month vesting period with no cliff.
  • Community NFT Fund: 0% initial release — rest through a 48 month vesting period with no cliff.

About THEOS: The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a team of both traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos. We envision a new way of thinking, minting and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will become the first NFT platform in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

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