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Mental health experts writing on matters of the heart & mind
Note from the editor

Therapy Matters is a collaborative group of mental health experts who come together to share thoughts, tell stories and discuss matters of the heart & mind. Our contributors come from a variety of work settings, including schools, hospitals, agencies and private practice. They are social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals. If you like what you read, please ‘follow’ us to receive our twice a month posts.

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cofounder & editor
Elizabeth Sylvester, Ph.D
Psychologist, Mother, Nurtured Heart Trainer.
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Heart and Work
Collaborative Mental Health Blogs
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Cofounder & Editor
Kathy Scherer, PhD, MFT
Psychologist, Educator, Writer, & Parent — Collaborative Blogs at Medium.com/@HeartandWork
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Richard Holt