Theta x MovieBloc: Disrupting the Movie & Entertainment Industry

Theta is proud to announce our partnership with MovieBloc, a new decentralized movie and film distribution platform, powered by KMPlayer, the world’s #1 multimedia player with 812M downloads and Pandora TV, the longest running video sharing platform. MovieBloc will be incorporating Theta protocol and network at the core of their video content platform, which will be built on the Ontology blockchain infrastructure. We are thrilled to be part of this ground-breaking project.

MovieBloc’s mission is to decentralize the film industry to create an ecosystem with transparent rewards catered to the participants’ role and contribution. Participants will experience a new ecosystem by taking upon the role of a creator, curator, translator, reviewer, or viewer. Creators will get transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity; while viewers will access various film content and earn Theta Fuel rewards. In the long-term, MovieBloc aims to create the biggest and most participant-centric film ecosystem. By leveraging KMPlayer’s massive user base as distribution, MovieBloc and and Theta mesh network have the potential to reach millions of global users, and drive significant video bandwidth cost savings.

Theta CEO Mitch Liu will also serve as an advisor to the MovieBloc project. In addition to his experience in decentralized video delivery and esports industry through Theta and, Mitch also completed his undergraduate research at the MIT Media Lab, where his senior thesis focused on non-linear movies and interactive cinema.

Theta CEO Mitch Liu and CEO Peter Kim sign partnership agreement in December 2018

Congrats to the MovieBloc team on a successful launch, and we look forward to collaborating to build the next-generation decentralized movie distribution platform!


The Theta team