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The Ugly Monster
The Ugly Monster
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How Greek Mythology Permeates Persona 3

Part I: The Setting & Main…

Gaming | Philosophy

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Subverts Eastern Philosophical Views and Storytelling Traditions

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Do You Kill? How Games Craft Emotional Narratives through Moral Dilemmas


I Finally Have an Opinion on ‘Princess Peach: Showtime’


The Chinese Cultural and Mythological Roots of Xianzhou Luofu in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’

Promotional picture of a Daggerheart character behind the Daggerheart logo. The characters is a black woman in a wooden wheelchair using a glowing quill to write magic words in the air. The woman has a black afro hairstyle and wears a blue dress with red and gold accents. There are furled scrolls in her lap and in pockets on the back of her chair.

Gaming | Game Design

Daggerheart: TTRPGs Are Just Weird Board Games

Reject tradition…

The silhouette of a woman in “road warrior” gear firing two handguns in a bar. The background is a aqua blue shelf full of white bottles of various shapes, implying alcohol. The woman’s silhouette is accented with a red eyepatch with a black “x”, a red cloth tied around her left arm, red decorative squares on her jacket vast, and a white line and zipper handle. Bullet lines whiz by her.

Gaming | Worldbuilding

‘Unbound’ Does What D&D Can’t

This criminally ignored TTRPG…