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Free Book Mockups — Booklets, Papers, Magazines

Last Updated: February 1, 2023

Book mockups are a great way to present your latest work. With the right design, you can truly show off what you’ve worked so hard on.

Torn Hardcover Book Mockup

handcover book mockup

Standing Magazine Mockup

standing magazine mockup

Open A4 Magazine with Shadows Mockup

open a4 book mockup

Book Cover with Business Card Mockup

book cover and car mockup

Folded Brochure Mockup

folded brochure mockup

Closed Notepad Mockup

closed notepad mockup

Close Up on Luxury Book Cover Mockup

luxury book cover mockup

Open and Closed Magazine Mockup

closed magazime mockup

Magazine Cover and Back Mockup

magazine cover and back

Open Square Book Mockup

open square book mockup

There are lots of different mockups you can find on the market. There are different types of mockups, for example iphone, ipad, macbook and imac. They all have a very similar format but each device is from a specific line or product family.

iPhone mockups: they are great for presenting mobile application screens on marketing websites and on the app store. You can also use them for iPhone ad campaigns, just make sure the mockup you choose is high quality.

iPad mockups: these mockups are a great choice for presenting your mobile app on the website or in an ad campaign. You can also use them to make presentations with the iPad and they’re perfect if you want people’s attention because of their unique nature.

Macbook mockups: these are very popular among digital designers, web design agencies and other creative professionals who have clients that work within this industry sector. These mockups are actually used for two different purposes — one is to show off websites while the other is to present new designs or apps created by developers especially those who specialize in Mac OSX development.

iMac mockups: these mockups are great for presenting marketing websites and macos applications screenshots.

App store screenshots: showing off your work is always good but it gets even better if you put yourself out there with some great looking digital mockups. One such option is by creating an album full of screenshots from all available stores — apple’s app store, google play, amazon store etc.

T-shirt mockup: this is the most popular out of all digital mockups because there is no need to print any physical product in order to present what your design will look like once printed onto clothes (using software such as illustrator). You will just have to provide app with dimensions and zoom level that you want while also choosing which type of cloth material you would prefer between cotton, polyester and others.

Android mockups: these device are the most popular as far as platforms go. Designers can present their app designs, website layouts and any other type of design that they have in this way.

Packaging mockups: These types of mockups are perfect for anyone who has created something but needs help with the design process. They offer different sizes that range from wine boxes, cases up until big bags and they all come with beautiful designs templates.



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