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4 min readMay 27, 2021


Last Updated: March 1, 2023

When you work on an e-commerce apparel store with some custom print on your t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing, there might be useful to download some t short mockups and apply your custom design to them.

Here is a selection of some mockups that you might find useful:

Man in t-shirt mockup — free mockup PSD

man in t-shirt mockup

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Fashion Tshirt Mockups

fashion tshirt mockups

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Free Men’s T-shirt Mockup for graphic tees

t-shirt mockups three men

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Free Polo T-shirt Mockup

free polo t-shirt mockup

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Different Colours Free T-Shirt Mockup

different colours t-shirt mockups

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MockUps Kids T-Shirt

kids t-hirt mockup

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Hoodie (front & back) Mockup

hoodie mockup

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Boy wearing T-Shirt Mockup

boy t-shirt mockup

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Elegant Dress Mockup

elegant dress mockup

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Free Clean T-shirt Mockup

free clean t-shirt mockup

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There are many different types of digital mockups currently available on the market. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some that can be used for physical products and others to present your digital designs from the best angle. Whether you’re working on an android app or trying to design a t-shirt, there’s something here for you. Here are some examples of each type of mockup with links to download them as well as find more information about them.

iPhone mockups: iPhone screens are one of the most popular types of digital mockups and for a good reason. You can use these to present your app idea or design an easy-to-read website with ease, depending on what you’re designing. It’s like having the product before it even exists!

App store screenshots: App screenshots are important when trying to get people interested in downloading your new app. With this type of mockup, you not only have access to different angles but also the option of showing how many downloads they’ve had so far as well as their rank on charts (learn more about that here). This is perfect if you want potential customers to see just how successful your past designs were!

iPad mockups: iPads are also among the most popular types of digital mockups. These are perfect for showing what an app feels like or how it performs on a tablet, which is why these screens are so widely used in design presentations and meetings with clients.

Macbook mockups: Laptops have been around since the 1990s but that doesn’t mean they’re not still relevant today — especially with new advances in technology happening at such an accelerated pace. These mockups are useful for presenting websites and desktop apps.

iMac mockups: these screens are excellent for showing how a website, desktop apps or an app store page would look on Apple’s most popular screen.

Android mockups: If you want to show your design’s compatibility with the Android operating system then these screens will be perfect tools to do so. They can also serve as a great resource when it comes time to make adjustments and tweaks in order to reach the widest audience possible.”

Apple Watch mockups: Apple’s newest product is sure to be a big hit and these mockups are excellent for showing how your design will look on the Apple Watch.

Packaging mockup: This type can be used by anyone who wants to create something or has created something but needs help with packaging ideas. These types of services usually offer different sizes which range from wine boxes, iphone cases up until big bags. They all come with beautiful design templates that will give people what they need every time.

Book mockups: publishing companies use mockups of books in their advertising and marketing materials