Timmy and Drake

- If you were me, what advice would you give at this moment?
- I’d say to figure it out yourself.
- That’s all I have to say too.

I have a story to share that I’ve told many.

Once upon a time, there was a well near the beach and there lived a frog named Timmy. The well had enough water for Timmy to swim. There was algae, insects to feed on and plants around the edges of the well. The whole scenario was more like a valley and he loved every bit of it.

A furlong away, another frog named Drake lived on the beach. Unlike Timmy, Drake woke up early to go around the whole beach for food and adventures. He explored the vastness of the beach, challenged the tide and even got drowned many times.

During one of his explorations, he found the well where Timmy lived. He got all excited to get Timmy out of the well so that he will have a friend to explore the beach. He started convincing Timmy about the beauty of the beach and also about the ocean.

Timmy looked confused for a minute and started to laugh at Drake. He teased him saying there is nothing but only sand outside the wall. He also boasted that he was the one in the water and Drake was standing on sand.

How much ever Drake tried to explain Timmy about the challenges, the latter wouldn’t get it. So Drake wished good luck to Timmy and started to explore the beach.

Now ask yourself if you’re Timmy or Drake.

If you’re Drake, the moral is about leaving your comfort zone and exploring the world. At the same time, giving space to others to let them figure it out themselves.

If you’re Timmy, the moral is about staying safe and not leaving the comfort zone because maybe it’s not the right time. It’s also about listening to others because one day you’ll have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

But it need not be today.

We know it’s not easy to jump on the bandwagon of life and ride to success. There’s environments and routines we need to alter to make our dreams a reality.

We need time to figure it out. At the same time give others time too so they can ask themselves if they’re Timmy or Drake.