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Spotted this week

What should I break first? is one of the first questions peple ask when starting a Chaos Engineering practice. It is that very question that Adrian Hornsby (who seems to have made his missions to be in every issue of This Week in Chaos) helps you answer in Part 2 of his Chaos Engineering Series, titled Planning your First Experiment.

When you’ll have decided what you want to break, this post by Dhaval Shah will walk you through an experiment on a simple demo app, using Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot to inject Chaos and Consul, Prometheus and Grafana for observabilty and monitoring. This working example comes complete with full source code to make you able to easily run your first Chaos Experiment if you never have.

“Incident response is an organizational issue, not just a technical one”. In an interview with O’Reilly’s Andy Oram, Googlers Tim Craig and Gustavo Franco discuss what incidents really are and how you can train your team and organization to be better prepared to handling and responding to them.

Everybody loves a good Top 7 list (or 5, or 10…), so here is Casey Rosenthal’s Top Seven Myths of Robust Systems. As with all top lists, spoiling it would ruin the fun, so all I can say is number 3 will shock you.

Upcoming Events

The Stockholm Serverless Meetup group will welcome Nicolas Moutschen (AWS) and Gunnar Grosch (Opsio) on September 5 for talks about Patterns of serverless micro-services and Performing chaos in a serverless world. Register on their Meetup page to attend.

Here are events we announced in previous issues that will take place this week or the next:

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