Trust Wallet Integrates THORChain as Cross-Chain Swap Provider

Trust Wallet is now using THORChain as a swap provider — providing its 10m+ monthly users access to decentralized cross-chain swaps between BTC, BNB, ETH, BUSD and more.

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Integration Details

THORChain is now a cross-chain swap provider in the Trust Wallet app on Android. Support for cross-chain swaps on iOS will be released in the following days. The following native assets can be swapped using THORChain directly within Trust Wallet:

Download Trust Wallet:

Play Store (Android) | Android APK | App Store (iOS)

Trust Wallet and THORChain’s Shared Ethos

THORChain and Trust Wallet share the common core values of providing transparency and self-sovereignty to all users.

  • Security — User safety and security is always the first priority
  • Self Custody — The user alone should have absolute control over their personal funds
  • Open Source Code — Trust Wallet’s wallet core library and THORChain’s entire codebase are open source and publicly available
  • Transparency — User funds are visible and accessible on-chain 24/7

Eowyn Chen, CEO of Trust Wallet, commented:
“In a multi-chain crypto world, more decentralized, secure, and easier cross chain integration is necessary for user adoption of web3 services. I am very excited about Trust Wallet’s integration with THORChain protocol to pave an easy way for users to swap across multiple major blockchains while maintaining security and full ownership over their assets. It’s a good first step, and we will continue to increase more chain coverages and improve user experiences.”

Download Trust Wallet and tap the Swap button to get started

Why use THORChain as a trusted swap provider?

  1. No signups — no account needed
  2. Reduced custodial risk — THORChain automatically processes your swap the instant it is received. No need to fund an account or keep your coins on an exchange
  3. Native assets — Swap assets on their native chains. Not wrapped and bridged coins with additional custodial risk.
  4. Privacy — THORChain does not (and cannot) collect or store personal identifying information like name, email, location, or phone number
  5. Transparency — All swaps are visible end-to-end on the blockchain
  6. Support decentralization — Fees are paid to THORChain liquidity providers and node operators that make the network decentralized and capture resistant

Swapping Tips for New Users:

  • Fees are determined by the size of the trade and paid to THORChain liquidity providers. To reduce slippage, try breaking up a large swap into multiple smaller swaps.
  • You can set a price limit to guarantee your execution price. If the price limit is not met, your swap is refunded.
  • Sandwich attacks and other types of MEV are not present on THORChain. Swap with confidence.

Providing Liquidity on THORChain

THORChain swap fees are paid to liquidity providers. Providing liquidity to THORChain will deepen pools — making swaps cheaper for everyone and you will begin to earn a sustainable yield.

Users can deposit any native asset supported by THORChain and earn through Savers Vaults.

Video Tutorial — Entering a Savers Vault

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THORChain Community

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