How to … install the Thortspace App and/or register a Thortspace Free Account

(1) How to … install the Thortspace App

To install the Thortspace App, go to the following web page:

The page looks like this:

Click the link for the platform you are wanting to install on.

If you are installing on Android, Mac or iPad/iPhone, the button is link that will take you to the corresponding page on the AppStore or Android Playstore for your device for the Thortspace App. On these platforms the Thortspace App will install just like any other App that you use.

If you are installing on Windows or Linux, the button provides a downloadable file.

For more information on installation on to Linux please see:

If you are installing onto Windows, the link will provide you with a Setup.exe file. Download this file to your Windows PC hard-drive and then “double-click” on the Setup.exe to run it. (Or right-click on it and select Open from the right-mouse menu.)

The Setup.exe will then install the Thortspace App onto your Windows machine and start the software running. The Setup.exe file will also create a short-cut on the desktop of your Windows PC which you can use to run Thortspace next time you want to start it running.

If you have any trouble getting the Thortspace App installed on your device, PC or computer desktop, there are several articles on “Trouble-shooting” that may help address these issues. If your particular problem is not covered by these, then do post a comment and I will write an article about your issue and add it here. (Thank you!)

(2) How to … register a Free Thortspace Account

First off, why would you want to?

A Thortspace Free Account enables you to participate in real-time collaboration sessions on spheres that have been shared with you by subscribers to Thortspace Premium Service without restrictions. And to create, publish, share, sync and collaborate on your own Public Spheres.

There is a lot more information about Thortspace Premium Service in this article:

How to create your Thortspace Free Account is covered in a number of other articles here on Medium:

There are in fact three ways to register a Thortspace account. And once you have registered one, there are three places where you can use your same account. This is described in the following article:

Other articles about Thortspace login and account creation are as follows:

If you want to take your use of Thortspace a stage further, you can also subscribe to the Thortspace Premium Service. The following article describes how to do this:

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