Sources of support

Join the social chat in the Thortspace Facebook group

The Thortspace group on Facebook is currently the most active community of Thortspace users.

There’s lots of content about Thortspace here on, and you’re welcome to post questions as comments on this article (if there gets to be too many of them, then we can think again).

For common questions about thortspace, please review the FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions.

Please review the System Requirements if you have any concern about the suitability of your device or hardware to run thortspace.

Please review the Current Status: Versions and Services for any known issues in respect of specific platforms, devices and the cloud services status.

If you have a specific problem, bug or issue:

Is it something you are happy to discuss publicly ? — Then head over to the thortspace Facebook group.

Or if you don’t use Facebook or want to discuss a problem privately, email:

When you have a support question or problem, please see the following medium article for the best way of getting it resolved quickly:

General feedback, useability issues and bug reports:

  • A great way to get involved and have your feedback discussed by the whole thortspace community is to post feedback into the facebook group at: Thortspace Community Facebook group
  • If you want to make feature requests or point out usability problems and/or bugs, a good place to start is to Review the Public Trello Board. For example, if your feature request is already on one of the lists, this may save some time.
  • If you would like to provide feedback in the form of a structured questionnaire, there is a feedback form here: Thortspace feedback form .
  • Or you can just send us an email to
  • If your feedback has the form of feature request or usability requirement, it may be just as well to make a support ticket (see below). This way, you will be able to track the feature request through to some kind of outcome (such as that it has been added to a list of features to be voted on as most popular by community members).
  • Last, but by no means least, if you would like to provide feedback in the form of a thortsphere or network of spheres, please just send the URL for those spheres to us by any of the routes above (email, facebook, and so on). You will either need to make the sphere public, or provide a sharing link that includes an invite code. For a first pass guide to how to share thortspheres, see this video: Sharing Spheres or this video: Sharing Spheres Touch Screen version

Other support issues and questions:

  • If you are just looking for information about how to get started with thortspace, have a look at our introductory videos here. These videos are about a minute long each and there’s 12 of them (the first one is about 2 minutes long), so in about 13 minutes you can discover almost everything that is important about using thortspace. And for questions that are not covered by the videos, you could try one of these other approaches below.
  • Also there is masses of information on the Thortspace Medium publication which is here: Thortspace Medium Publication. In particular check out the Troubleshooting section on Medium. But the other sections are packed with content as well, so have a look around.
  • Depending on how specific and individual your support issue is, it may be more or less appropriate to post about it in the Thortspace Community Facebook group
  • Please try to use a more public channel in preference to a more private one if you can bear to — the issue you are raising or the answer to your question might be helpful to someone else.
  • For support requirements that are more specific to your circumstances, you may want to raise a support request: just send us an email to

Thank you very much for all your participation in the Thortspace project.

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