How consistent content creation positively changes lives

Nas Daily, Casey Neistat, Yes Theory, Christian LeBlanc, Dan Mace; these are just some of the names of countless creators who’s lives have changed with consistent content.

For several years now, I have been following a handful of content creators. I’ve seen these creators grow from 0 followers (or subscribers) to thousands, sometimes even millions of followers. I’ve seen them grow from 80 views to 80 million views. And I’ve seen them grow up and become more confident in-front of my eyes. All of this has happened within just 2 to 4 years for most of these people.

How is this possible?

When you are looking at these people from the outside in, you wonder how is it even possible to do this? How could I ever achieve an audience of 10 million subscribers? How can I get there when I don’t even know where to start?

But that’s the thing, the most important thing is to start. Not a single one of these content creators was an expert when they started. Not a single one of them had the following they have today or even really knew what they were doing. They just had a video camera, an idea, and a dream.

Write Down Your Dream, Share it with the World

And through the use of social media, the internet and consistent content, they started sharing that dream. They started putting their dream out there for the world to see and they put in the work to make it happen. It took learning, it took growth, and it took passion.

It’s terrifying

I’m sure every single one of them was terrified as some point to upload something and find out what the world might think about it; to find out what their parents or their family or their friends might think about it.

But you know what? Each and every one of us has that same fear. We are terrified of what someone might say, or might do if we push ourselves our comfort zone. We are terrified that someone might think we are weird or that we are being inappropriate or stupid.

But that’s just not the case. I think everyone today is looking for a little self confidence, I know I was. And when you put your message and your soul out there for the world to see, it’s definitely scary. But the rewards far out pay the price of never trying.

These content creators that I have been following had a dream and wanted to share their story with the world; and it turned out that they ended up writing their own journey rather than the one someone else told them to.

Their Growth is more than just the number of followers they have

When you look at people like Nas Daily who just completed 1000 videos in 1000 days, you can see the incredible journey he has been on to get there. He went from being this nerdy kid, to having one of the biggest and most confident voices on the internet. He did it just because he started; just because he learned the process and tools, and just because he was vulnerable enough to share his story with the world.

When you look at his first video below, you can see that the audio quality is not the best, that he doesn’t know where this is going to take him and that he’s a bit scared to be doing this.

Nas Daily Day 1

But when you look at his day 1000 video, you can see the pure joy in his eyes that we all joined in and supported him. That we embraced his vulnerability and we saw something of ourselves in his videos.

Nas Daily Day 1000

It’s not too late

Everything I’m trying to say here in this article is summed up in this one Yes Theory video. We are always told it’s too late, or we don’t have enough experience or nobody will care. But Yes Theory’s methodology here was “Why not try.”

We can do this, together

And that’s mine too. People may say I’m crazy for wanting to change the world. People might say I’m putting too much of myself out there. But I’ve already seen so many amazing things start happening because of it; with the most recent one being 35+ people joining me on this content creation challenge.

So I say to you. What’s stopping you? What’s keeping you from sharing your story and what’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?

Join us on this journey and start the 90 day content creation challenge today, you won’t regret it. You can find out more info here and please comment below if you liked this article!