Getting to Know the Thumbtack Research Team

Rannie Teodoro
Jun 25 · 3 min read

As the newest member to the Thumbtack research team, I often get asked why I decided to join the company. I usually list out 3 P’s — Purpose, People, and Potential. Thumbtack’s mission is what first drew me in. I was also excited by the folks I’d work with and the potential of the local services industry. I knew helping customers get their jobs done while supporting local pros would bring incredible meaning to how I showed up to work.

In true researcher fashion, I turned the question around to the rest of the team. Here’s what they said.

Jordan Berry, Senior Experience Researcher, joined January 2018

Senior experience researcher, Jordan Berry, joined Thumbtack motivated to build a research practice that would positively impact the lives of service professionals and customers across the country.

For her, Thumbtack is a values fit and a place she can bring stories of professionals to life. Jordan said, “My favorite projects at Thumbtack are when I get to partner with a group of pros over a couple of weeks to dive deep on how their experience changes over time. I always learn more than I expect.”

Cordelia Hyland, Experience Researcher, joined March 2018

Experience researcher, Cordelia Hyland, echoed the value of products that affects people’s everyday lives, I’m motivated by the stories and successes of our pros.” She also mentioned having a supportive environment to build these products, where she’s inspired by the craft, intelligence, and humility of colleagues.

Of course, tackling research projects in a two-sided marketplace like Thumbtack can be complex.

Erik Olesund, Senior Experience Researcher, joined July 2018

Senior experience researcher, Erik Olesund, brought his background and passion for understanding human behavior to the problem space. He said,“The work that our pros and customers collaborate on happen for the most part outside of our app. As a company, we need to help our users have a positive experience both online and offline.”

Maya Geary, Research Ops, joined December 2014

Research ops coordinator, Maya Geary, has been at Thumbtack for almost five years and cited the importance of deeply understanding our pros and customers to affect real change. She said, “… Talk with them, hear their stories, and get to the bottom of what’s working and not working within our product so we can be a real partner in their success.”

If you’re interested in joining the team, visit for more information.

Thumbtack Design

Articles, stories, and tools from the Design, Writing, Research, and Design Ops teams at Thumbtack

Rannie Teodoro

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UX Research Manager @Thumbtack. Ex-Facebooker. PhD. Martial artist. Perpetual learner.

Thumbtack Design

Articles, stories, and tools from the Design, Writing, Research, and Design Ops teams at Thumbtack

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