Better Sleep via a Low-Tech Bedroom

Make Time Month, Week 3

Quick background: I decided to start off my new writing career with a month of experiments to make time and boost focus. (You can still sign up here if you want to join me!)

Okay, it’s week 3 of Make Time Month. Last week was finding “Distraction Kryptonite” and getting rid of it. For me, that meant using the Freedom app to shut off email till noon every day. It turned out to be pretty easy, because I left for a trip to Europe and spent a lot of the week several hours ahead of the United States (where most of my email comes from). That’s okay… I guess this is the perfect time to start the habit.

Week 3’s experiment involves sleep:

Turn your bedroom into a bed room

This is inspired by my friend John Zeratsky again, and his post about becoming a morning person. I don’t want to become a morning person necessarily, but I do need to get better about going to bed on time (for me, that’s about 11pm). And honestly, I started reading Ready Player One again on my Kindle and have been staying up late staring at its blue screen. So I’m banning the Kindle from my bedroom (gulp).

If you want to join me this week, here’s what to do:

  1. Remove anything with a screen from your bedroom. This might be a Kindle, iPad, phone, whatever.
  2. Remove device chargers too, just to be careful.
  3. If you want to get fancy, start turning down your lights in the evening (read John’s post for more) and set up Flux on your devices.

Talk soon,