Building a Creative Hub for a Digital Product Studio: Weeks Before Finish Line

Edanur Yıldız
Sep 3 · 3 min read

Hi, I’m Eda. I am one of the founders of Tio, a digital product studio based in Istanbul. This is the third blog post about Tio’s new space. You can read our first week and second week here.

Past three weeks were more about doing than planning. Since we don’t want to get into more details of the renovation and construction(well, we are a tech company 😇) I decided to merge last weeks of our journey.

A sneak peak i guess?

Electric wiring, water works, walls, air conditioning and ventilation is done. We already picked the colors, materials and designed some furnitures as I mentioned on our last blog post. The production of the new furnitures is about to finish. Other small yet mighty details such as wall signs, storefront design etc. are in progress.

We ordered Tio colored hand made tiles online (thank you internet!) from a producer in Kütahya -a city famous for its ceramics- to use on the front door which worked out perfectly fine. But it is surprising that sometimes it’s really hard to find a material with the color/size/texture you want. You ask for a material and suppliers are like: “no we don’t have it, no one has it so you can’t have it.” But if you insist enough, you can come up with a solution. Just like building a digital solution for a real life problem. 🙃 An example to this “quest for impossible” was finding a right shade of blue for the storefront. No paint company seem to have a dark but not so dark blue but we made it!

Please ignore the chaos behind ❤

Deciding what kind of lighting to use was a little bit trickier than we thought it would be. Since we spend lots of hours in front of computer under artificial light, we wanted the lighting to be subtle yet complete the atmosphere. We end up with something much much simpler after all.

Our trip to Horhor Antique Bazaar for pendants and wall lamps was really fun too. We found some Tio colored lamps for sure.

Let me tell you something. Decision fatigue is real. Working on every small detail for the space while running a full-ass business was exhausting. But the tiredness is the good type of tiredness, like you are tired but proud and full of endorphins after a long run.

As we get closer to the end, our focus has shifted towards the service design of the demo area. We are working on an experience to demonstrate our digital solutions as solid and physical as possible. Let’s wait and see what we will end up with. 👀

We are looking forward to move in and make a grand opening after all this madness ends. ✌🏻 See you on the last post of this series.

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