Why is $DICE missing ROI and Rewards info on TokenYield?

Ashe Oro
Ashe Oro
Sep 2 · 2 min read

Regular users of TokenYield.io have noticed that the ROI for $DICE has been displaying 0.00% for about two weeks. We wanted to quickly explain why.

Recently the Dice team decided to move their rewards wallet and rewards engine off-chain. This broke our ability to automatically claim the rewards via smart contract call.

Users are now *required* to use the Dice.one webapp and wallet to claim all rewards. To make matters worse, there’s no API offered to automate the the claim function which effectively breaks 3rd party token rewards integration or management.

This means that the $DICE token stats will can longer be accurately included in:

  • 24h/7d Rewards
  • 24h/7d ROI
  • Portfolio Value

The Dice Team championed the idea of an open platform to allow for 3rd party games to build on, but then closes off the outside world on the financial side.

We don’t believe this is a positive step forwards for Dice. One of the main advantages of blockchain tech is transparency, ownership and management of financial assets. The Dice Team has taken a step backwards in the user experience.

We will keep $dice supported on the site and help our users track and manage other aspects of the token, but until an API claim function is available, the ROI will remain at 0.00%.

You’ll still be able to:

  • stake/unstake
  • buy/sell (via Bancor)
  • track daily users and # of transactions
  • track price, marketcap and volume

We urge the Dice Team to build API end points to offer control back to the user. This will decentralize our ability to claim our staking rewards and no longer be dependent on the Dice.one front-end UI.

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Ashe Oro

Written by

Ashe Oro

Engineer, Liberty Entrepreneur, Crypto-Economist. Applying Free Market Principles to Build Personal Freedom.


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