Let the hunt begin! TOMO Hunters, are you ready?

5,000 TOMO rewarded to the best hunters of the kingdom

What is TOMO-HUNTER game?

In short, it is an IMPORTANT part of our series of games in ‘TOMO Hunting Season’ which we have designed in order to have as many people as possible trial our Testnet wallet and also vote for the current Testnet Masternodes via the governance Dapp — TomoMaster.

The rules are simple — follow the instructions and compete to earn the most TOMO!

The game will be live from 8am UTC 29 Oct to 8am UTC 5 Nov.

The top 10 voters (stakers) with the most staking rewards will win REAL TOMO, 350 TOMO each. In addition, 30 other registered TOMO wallet addresses will be randomly selected to win 50 TOMO each.


  • If voters finish on equal amounts of TOMO rewards, the wallet(s) which signed up earliest will be the winner(s)
  • Excepting for signing up the form, any voting action taken before 8am UTC 29 Oct will disqualify you.
  • This promotion involves TESTNET TOMO only; so please DO NOT transfer REAL TOMO to the TomoWallet

Instructions for TOMO-HUNTER

You MUST read the following instructions carefully before taking any action!

Step 1: Download TomoWallet from store (iOS / Android) and create a NEW address.

  1. Only NEW wallet addresses which are made from 3am UTC 23rd Oct to 3am UTC 29th Oct and have filled in the form will qualify (that’s right — even if you already have a testnet wallet, you will need to make a new one)
  2. Save your mnemonic phrase when you make a mobile wallet so you can access your account later on the web-based testnet wallet: https://wallet.testnet.tomochain.com/; and so you can recover your wallet if deleted

Step 2: Fill in your information, submit the Tomo Hunter form and set an alarm to join the game at 8am UTC on Monday, 29nd Oct.

We will send 1000 (testnet) TOMO 1 time only to all registered accounts at 8am UTC on Monday, 29nd Oct.

Step 3: Request some additional testnet TOMO on the mobile wallet (found in ‘Settings’) or via the Tomo Faucet. Make at least 1 transaction sending out TOMO to this wallet address: 0xe91dc9746eed1b5971aabd6e1681da1a4d06be8d

Check transaction info with TomoScan: https://scan.testnet.tomochain.com/ (or find it at your address tab)

Step 4: ONCE you receive 1000 TOMO in your wallet at 8am UTC on Monday, 29nd Oct, it's time to DO VOTING.

Go to TomoMaster at: https://master.testnet.tomochain.com/ and vote 1000 TOMO for any masternode you want. Spend them wisely to maximize your reward. Keep in mind that the number of TOMO you earn from voting is the ONE and ONLY criteria to decide you are a winner or not.

  • Head to TomoStats and TomoMaster to check the performance of masternodes to help you decide who to vote for — remember the highest performing nodes pay the highest rewards.
  • You are not allowed to vote with more than 1,000 TOMO. If the voting amount is above 1,000 TOMO, you are disqualified.

For real-time support, please join TomoChain telegram chat: https://t.me/tomochain.

More information about the TomoChain testnet 2.0

🚩 Sign up to join Tomo Hunter: http://bit.ly/TomoHunterForm 🚩

🎯[TOMO Hunting Season] Hunt more TOMO🎯
TOMO-HUNTER game is a part of our series of games in ‘TOMO Hunting Season’

Happy Hunting, TOMO hunters!🏹🏹🏹