TOP Network Biweekly Report: February 21, 2024 -March 5, 2024

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Technical Progress

  1. Open Source Project — TOP Scan — Frontend
    The open sourcing work requires our developers dive into the existing code, swap out any proprietary bits for open-source alternatives, or ensure we have the right licenses to share them. It also aims to remove any dependencies on proprietary technologies, making the browser accessible to the broader community for contributions, enhancements, and scrutiny. It’s all about transparency, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of blockchain tech.
  2. Code Adjustment of the Cross-chain Bridge towards Cancun Upgrade
    Our developers make modifications to the eth_call invocation code that interacts with Ethereum nodes and upgraded the grpc calls in a matching fashion. Currently, both Beacon block and Beacon state can be read smoothly. The relayer’s block header proofs has also been modified. After a code makeover session for some structural swagger, we’ve thrown it over to the testing crew. Now, we’re chilling, waiting for the green light to drop the update.

Open Source — Game Lobby

After discussions with our partners, they have agreed to release the previously desensitized game lobby code as open source. With this code, developers can easily build their own game lobbies, integrating multiple H5 games, and directly adjust and invoke the included task module, customer service help module, and reward activity module.

The code for game lobby is here:

Exploring Development

Last week, we shared our upcoming plans with our community. In 2023, AI emerged as the most prominent technology in the tech world, and the fusion of AI with Crypto is regarded as one of the most crucial tracks for the bull market of 2024–2025. AI represents a track suitable for exploration and development, and our team will engage in frequent communication with the community as we delve into this field. We eagerly await everyone’s constructive feedback and involvement.

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TOP Network Official Account
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