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3 min readDec 29, 2022

Dear Defender, please check the TOWER Ecosystem's ongoing events for the month. This article will be updated every month to reflect all the happenings.

Provide LP on BASE to get rewards

Follow these simple steps to add $ETH/wETH — $TOWER Liquidity on Aerodrome on BASE

  1. Connect your wallet, and go to the “Liquidity” category
  2. Find out the WETH/TOWER Pair, make sure to allow both tokens
  3. Confirm Deposit

Ecosystem Blockchain Game campaigns

Monthly Crazy Defense Heroes Mobile Game Play-and-Earn events

Please note that you have to Own at least 1 TOWER Battle Card NFT or TOWER Ticket NFT to claim rewards from Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-Earn rewards:

  1. Avatar XP Gain Event
  • Gain enough Avatar XP (Avatar Experience) to share TOWER Play-and-Earn Prize Pool
  • Prize Pool of the month:

2. Daily Star Chest Check-in event

  • Earn TOWER tokens EVERY DAY by opening a Star Chest in the game and check-in in on our website. The more days you complete, the more rewards you accumulate.
  • Check-in for the entire month to gain 1 Special reward and 1 Full Attendance Badge Soulbound NFT

3. Play-and-Earn boosting for holders of 5 or more Battle Card NFTs

  • Players who own at least 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs of any rarity can enjoy a boost on all of their XP Gain and Daily Star Chest Event rewards.

4. Rarity Bonus — Extra TOWER token rewards

Earn extra TOWER tokens by fulfilling ALL conditions of a reward tier within the month listed below:

Token Earning for March 2024

XP Gain event
Reach Tier 3: 1,320 $TOWER
Reach Tier 2: 1,046 $TOWER
Reach Tier 1: 594 $TOWER

Maximum token earning for “Daily Star Chest”
406 $TOWER

In the best-case scenario, a player can earn more than 4,452 $TOWER by fulfilling the conditions below:

  1. Own extra TOWER Battle NFTs to enjoy up to 2.0x boost of XP Gain and Daily Star Chest earning, and
  2. Fulfill all conditions for Play-and-earn Extra Earning, gain up to 1,000 $TOWER

TOWER Community Events:

  • Meme Contest

Create memes for the Ecosystem to get featured on social media and win 2300 CDH Gems, plus a Soulbound “Meme God” Achievement Badge NFT

  • Regular community engagement campaign

Join Discord and participate engagement campaign and earn Mobile Game rewards & a TOWER Achievement Badge NFT!

What’s New in TOWER Ecosystem?

You can now view the TOWER Hero points earned from TOWER Spending and the 2022 Halloween Invasion: BAYC edition

Redeem your TOWER Ticket from the BinanceNFT x TOWER NFT sale to obtain CDH Game Items and TOWER Battle Card NFTs

TOWER Ecosystem Social Channel

TOWER Ecosystem Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

Ecosystem Game Channel

Crazy Defense Heroes | Crazy Kings | Chaos Kingdom