1,300+ New Tezos Developers Trained in 2019

Anthony Mandelli
Dec 13, 2019 · 4 min read
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In the Fall of 2018, the Tezos Foundation announced that it committed funding to train 1,000 new Tezos developers by the end of 2019. In early September of this year, we checked in on the progress towards that goal and found that 842 developers had been trained. With 2019 nearly over, we wanted to see where the initiative stands: to date, Foundation-funded entities and programs trained over 1,000 developers in 2019.

Specifically, we found that 1,338 developers have completed, or are in the midst of completing, a Tezos training course. This is exciting news as it is a strong vote of confidence in the Tezos protocol from developers around the world.

There is still a lot of work to be done in 2020 on the developer training front, but these numbers show clear progress and fulfillment of an aggressive objective set in 2018. Allocating resources towards developer tooling and integrations of Tezos into existing world-class tools like Truffle have clearly contributed to the effort.

Zastrin — 447

Tezos Commons Capstone — 300

B9lab — 275

Tezos Blockstars provides advanced training for developers with a bit more experience looking to hit the ground running. The Tezos Foundation has committed funding to sponsor 500 seats in the Blockstars course — so there is still room for more developers to sign up for this Tezos training program in 2020.

Tezos Korea — 120

Tezos Southeast Asia — 94

Nomadic Labs — 61

TQ Tezos x IDEO x CoinList — 41

Total — 1,338

Throughout 2019, teams from around the world spent significant time building a rich and diverse foundational layer of developer tooling and resources, including Nomadic Labs, Truffle, SmartPy, The Marigold Project, Stove Labs, Simplestaking, Cryptonomic, Baking Bad, TzStats, Tulip Tools, Archetype, and many others. With this infrastructure in place, along with the launch of the Tezos Developer Portal, I’m looking forward to what all of these new developers build in 2020.

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